10 Reasons Why it’s 10 Times Easier to Attract a 10

I’ve spent the last 2 days working with a girl that on any kind of objective scale (as objective as attractiveness can be), is a 10.

So hot… Like silly hot. Like the kind of hot that makes you want to sell your kidney for a friendly smile.

But she’s more than just hot, she has a smile that would melt the sun, a laugh that makes angels sing, and an arse that you could crack walnuts on.

Exactly the kind of girl that used to terrify me.

But I’ve learned over the last few years of my journey, is that it’s actually 10 times easier to attract a girl like this than her less attractive friends.


“HOW??? AND WHY???” I hear you scream. When you think about it, it’s obvious. But you obviosuly haven’t thought about it, so, I present:


The Rule Of 10’s: 10 Reasons Why it’s 10 Times Easier to Attract a 10*


1. The Hotness / Authenticity Inversion Rule


The hotness / authenticity inversion rule states that the hotter a woman is, the less authentic Men are around her.

They sacrifice their personality, their beliefs, their morals, and their kidney’s, just to get a positive response.

STUPIDLY hot women are so used to fake and insincere compliments from fake and insincere guys that they crave honesty and authenticity.

This means that if you can be authentic and real and have that authenticity and realness be powerful and engaging, then you’ve automatically set yourself apart from 99.9% of the other guys she meets.


2. She gets approached less than her friend who’s an 8


Despite what you might think, STUPIDLY hot women don’t get approached as often as you think.

Guys are just too anxious / scared / caught up in their head to get off their arse and talk to her.

And even the ones that do have the balls to approach women usually assume that she’s completely out of their league and so they just end up approaching her less attractive (though still very attractive) friends.

This means they’re usually more open to meeting people than her friends who get approached more often.


3. She’s out of your league


Yes, this is a good thing. I wrote a whole article about it. You can read it here:

3 Counter-Intuitive Reasons Why Not Feeling Worthy Of A Beautiful Woman Is A Blessing.


4. Staying out of the friend zone is easy


The only reason you end up in the friend zone is because you treat women like a friend. You’re nice, polite, friendly, don’t push her buttons and banish all sexual thoughts to the back of your mind.

You treat them like a friend and in return, they think of you like a friend.

This is so hard to do with a 10 (pun intended).

When you’re playing with a 10, there are going to be lots of sexual thoughts. LOTS of them.

You’re going to be thinking about touching her naked body every time you watch her walk, the smell of her skin is going to create stirrings in your nether regions, the soft touch of her hand against your arm is going to light a fire in your pants that not even liquid nitrogen could put out.

And all those sexual thoughts are going to be communicated openly through everything you do.

She’s going to notice the say you smell her, feel the way you caress her, and bathe under the admiration of your seductive glances.

She may not be attracted to you. She may not want to be with you. But she’s definitely not going to put you in the friend zone.


5. Anxiety is your friend


Lets be honest here: approaching a girl at this level is scary.

If you think you’re anything less than very anxious, you’re just too stuck in your head. But anxiety is not the curse that everyone makes it out to be. It’s actually a very powerful tool for being more authentic and real.

The way to get out of your head isn’t to try and stop analysing and thinking, it’s to direct your attention into your body.

The stronger the sensations are in your body, the easier it is to stay present with them and avoid jumping into your head and analysing the external environment.

When you see your 10, the anxiety is going to be through the roof. That means it’s going to be FAR easier to stay present with it be real and authentic than if you’re approaching a woman you’re not that attracted to.

Who would have thought, anxiety being a useful tool rather than a hindrance??


6. There’s a lot to like about her


If you’re talking to a girl that’s kind of attractive, but not really pushing your buttons, then it can be difficult to be really appreciative of her.

When you’re listening to her stories about shampooing her dogs or what happened on Jersey Shore, it can be really difficult to keep your attention focussed.

But when she’s SUPER attractive and there’s a lot to like about her.

More often than not, they have exciting lives that are filled with cool adventures and strange tales. They don’t waste their lives away sitting in front of the x-box wishing that someone would come and rescue them. They’re out there, living it, in every moment.

This means there’s plenty to appreciate about them and plenty to talk about.


7. She’ll do half the work


If a woman is constantly meeting new guys who’re authentic, powerful, confident, and real, then it’s going to be hard to get her to put any effort into seeing you again.

She’s got options and those options mean she doesn’t have to try as hard.

But, if she’s just used to having needy and fake guys approach her and you’re able to express your powerful and authentic honesty with her, then she’s FAR more likely to put the work in to continue things.

She’ll ask you questions. She’ll want give you her number. She’ll try to organise to see you again.

She’ll put in half the work because she can see just how unique you are.


8. She doesn’t need you


If she’s a serious 10, then she’s going to have ways and means of feeling happy, confident, in control, and appreciated without you being around her.

Her happiness isn’t dependent on your approval, her bosses approval, or the approval of the strange guy on level three of her office who always wears the short sleeve shirts.

She’s independently happy.

This means that when you approach her, she’s not going to need to blow you out, just to show how in control and tough she is, she’s not going to need to make you look stupid in front of other people, just to show off to her mates, and she’s actually going to want to make sure that even if she’s not attracted to you, that she treats you in the way that she would want to be treated.


9. She craves connection


Having people just value your looks is a lonely place to be.

People don’t want to know you, to find out what you care about and stand for, where you want to go and how you want to get there. All they want is a jealousy inspiring trophy on their arm to show off to their mates.

Because of this, 10’s are usually more lonely than women who aren’t just valued for their looks.

This means they’re more likely to want to connect deeply and share themselves with people who value them for more than their shiny exterior.


10. Confidence


Whilst every woman (and Man) has some kind of insecurity, 10’s usually have a lot less than the average girl. They’re usually FAR more secure in who they are, what they want, and where they’re going.

This means that flirting with them is FAR more fun because you can push their buttons a lot harder without the fear of upsetting them.

They’re FAR less likely to get upset if you mention how bad they smell, or poor their dress sense is, or how much of a favour your doing them by hanging around with them.

And because they’re strong and confident, they’re far more likely to push back as well.

Flirting with 10’s is far more fun because they have the confidence and strength to be able to play the game.


In Conclusion


There you have it, the 10 reasons why it’s 10 times easier to attract a 10.

Now, there’s only one thing left: action.

None of this information is going to do you any good if you just read it and keep sitting on the sidelines.

You need to get off your arse and take action. Now.


Do it.

Do something.

Even if you just get up, get out of the house, go and find a place where beautiful women congregate, and just walk around saying ‘Hi’, you will be 1,000,000,000 times closer to your goal than if you just sat down and read this article 11 times.

If you’re finding that this is still too challenging for you and you want to dig to the core of your limitations and eliminate them forever, there’s a special opportunity opening on the 15th November.

You can get all the details here: Become The Man of your Dreams.







*When I say a ‘10’, I’m not just talking about some hot piece of arse that looks like she fell off the cover of some cheap Men’s magazine. I’m talking about the complete package. Yes, she’s good looking, but there’s so much more to her.

She has a smile that lights up the world.

When she walks, it looks like she’s floating.

She gives freely and openly to everyone around her without needing anything in return.

She’s completely capable and confident in her life and doesn’t need you to complete it.

I’m talking about the complete package, not just fake tit’s and a good makeup job.

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About The Author

11 Responses

  1. Sam Bomb

    I read that a lot of 10s have insecurities about the way they look. Do you mind pointing out some internet examples of 10s?

    Also, I have shitty skin compared a 10’s. Not just on my face. Are most 10s really going to overlook this if I am powerful and authentic?


    • Leigh (LoGun)

      The only 10’s I could point out are actually close friends of mine and I’m pretty sure they don’t want their face splashed across the internet.

      Yes, they usually do have insecurities, just like most people, but in my experience, they have a lot less they worry about.

  2. arrJAy

    Excellent Article! I couldn’t agree with you more. When I enter a place that does not have any 10s walking around then I know that I will need to be more cautious of what I say and do with those under a 10. The ones that are less than a 10 are usually the ones that require so much more work and are not as receptive to jokes. They are also the ones that NEED a man rather than having their own stuff going for them. Thanks!

  3. Andrés Casarrubias

    Hey LoGun !! my name is Andrés and i’m 15 years old and i am from México 🙂 , i want to ask you a question, you see i still don’t get this…
    I really want to approach this girl of my school but then i remember “Wait, you’re in the getting pathway so you are needy and seeking approval, there’s no way she’s going to be attracted to you” so i DON’T approach her… but then i think again “WAIT again!! … if i want to change to the doing pathway then i should do the things i want when i want”
    So here are my questions (yes now there are more than 1) haha
    If i want to change of pathway should i just do whatever i want when i want?
    How does this thing work with the girls, i mean even if i’m needy or in the getting pathway how can i approach girls? i just say wahtever i’m feeling or how is it? and i just approach every girl i see on the street? i hope you understand.
    I really want to say thank you !! for all this AWESOME job you do with the page and all the effort you put in helping us living the life we want… and yes i’m 15 years old 😀
    Once angain THANK YOUUU :p

  4. Sam Bomb

    Doesn’t being anxious mean you aren’t powerful, in a way?

    Powerful in that you can and do take action.
    Not powerful in that you really really *want her and that makes you anxious when you see her. In negotiation, the one who wants what the other has, more, is the weaker party. Perhaps meeting girls isn’t a negotiation per se, however, we carry our mindset, i.e. who wants what the other has more, with us into our interactions and it influences everything we do and say.

    *I make a distinction between ‘wanting’ and ‘liking’. They are 2 different pathways in our brains.

    You posted a Taken In Hand article some time ago on masculine power. I’m not so sure that type of man feels anxiety when he sees a 10. I see him as having both power from action, and from ‘negotiation power’ (not wanting excessively).

    Girls that we desire automatically have ‘negotiation power’ due to having many sexual options. But I would like to turn that around some how. Without it, it’s like playing a game handicapped. I am almost certain that it is desireable because it’s central to surviving/thriving in society. If we were animals in the wild we would physically fight each other. As humans, we negotiate.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      There’s a lot of thinking in your comment. I’m not sure what most of it meant but I do know that you can’t out-think powerlessness.

      The ONLY way to flip things around is to be taking action.

      Want to experience power despite your anxiety? Take action in the face of it.

      Want to feel like you have negotiation power? Get out, start living your life and being a naturally attractive Man. Meet more women, share your life with them, and then have negotiation power.

      Less thinking, more action.

      • Jammer

        I’d like to chime in here…

        It’s not necessarily, “he who is anxious, loses negotation” but “he whose anxiety overpowers his decision making ability is rendered powerless and thus loses the negotaion”.

        It’s not the anxiety, it’s the management of this anxiety that matters. Courage is attractive and this comes from anxiety. Confidence comes from doing courage in the face of fears and anxieties.

        Sources: Paul Dobransky and Jammer – essentially preaching the same message as Leigh here.

  5. Jammer

    The PUA-HB ratings system is flawed. Scrap it.

    Don’t get a 10, BE a 10. Follow these rules religiously. Create YOUR 10 from a “regular” lady.

  6. Sam Bomb

    What I wrote seems to be what Brent Smith, Rion Williams, and Jake, talk about. Just that they don’t talk about it like it’s about negotiation (mindset), so I never understood what they were saying. Unfortunately they don’t appear to have effective methods for stopping ‘wanting’. Common sense and science says that plenty of ‘having’ works though.

  7. Wolf

    First of all I’ll have to agree with Jammer. What’s a 10? What constitutes to a 10? Is a 10 in ‘social terms’ even a 10 for me? Because mostly beauty ideals are more societal so irrelevant for most individuals.

    Then there’s the point that if we’re mainly talking ‘good looks’ that there is something as the attractivity-halo of which a lot of ‘good looking’ people are actually aware of – especially if people treat them the way they do mainly because of those looks. Meaning that those definitely have a higher tendency to have more insecurities – or at least less confidence in their actual abilities or them as a person.

    But those are just some psychological two cents about the many possibilities we can encounter in this beautiful world.

    (On a sidenote I’ve actually found some people with ‘mental sicknesses’ to be a lot more interesting, appreciative and positive than a majority of ‘normal’ people)

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      The 10 that I’m talking about in this article is my 10. It’s just an easy way to describe the kind of woman that’s so attractive that it makes you cry a little bit… That’s my 10.

      And no, it’s not just about looks. In fact, it’s only got a bit to do with looks. I cover it at the end of the article.


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