2010 Seduction Community Predictions.

It will be amusing to come back here in one years’ time and see how many of these seduction community predictions I got wrong.

So, let’s begin 😉

Seduction Community Prediction #1: People Will Stop Using The Term “Seduction Community”.

At the moment, the climate on a lot of seduction community forums is that of:

“We’re here for self-development, now just learning how to pick up women”.

Thing is, for many guys this mindset is still just a veiled attempt at being “unattached to the outcome” when approaching women.

But as time goes on, I feel that genuine interest in self development will awaken in many more guy…

…and picking up women will increasingly be seen as a by-product of fulfilled life – rather than its end goal.


Prediction #2: PUAs & Mystery Method Will Continue To Exist.

Every day a few hundred men get frustrated at their lack of success with women – to the point where they decide to do something about it.

Inevitably, they sit down in front of their computer, swallow their pride, and type into Google something like, “how to pick up women” or “how to approach women” or “dating tips”…

0.031 seconds later they have the “answers” at their fingertips…

And they begin reading. Soaking up dating theory, tips, routines, openers and techniques like a sponge.

Whilst for most guys having this knowledge feels like progress (“so this is why women see me just as a friend!!”)…

…It takes some time to realise that intellectually knowing the answers – having the answers – leads merely to being a very good imitator of the real deal.

To actually BECOME the real deal requires dealing with one’s true organic experience. And that is a process of removing layers of knowledge, rather than piling more on.

So, Mystery Method will continue to act as a necessary step in the lives of many men…

… To give them first hand experience of what DOESN’T offer them all the success they’re looking for – thereby motivating them to go out and look deeper for stuff that does.


Prediction #3: Many More Dating Gurus Will Emerge…

The Internet has made it possible for anyone with $200 to make a decent-looking website, slap together some content, and declare themselves a “guru”.

Whilst not many of those gurus will ever actually help anyone, and even fewer will make their website into a profitable business, many will continue to spring up …


Prediction #4: And Many Existing Dating Gurus Will Vanish.

This increased competition will separate the wheat from the chaff.

And many dating gurus who are currently in the business of just repackaging the same old stuff in an attempt to make a quick buck will vanish from the sphere of visibility…

… while the power of social media will help spread the word about those who truly are producing foundation-changing stuff, bring them to the spotlight.

And they will do amazing things.


Prediction #5: I will not get accepted into the Sydney Lair.

Doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying 🙂


Prediction #6: We Will Fail…

Every one of us will – at least once – end up standing next to a beautiful woman and racking our head for something to say.

It may happen in a line waiting for coffee, or on a bus, or waiting for the little man to go green…

But it will happen. And as soon as she is gone we will be kicking ourselves for not saying anything at all.


Prediction #7: And We Will Succeed.

Every one of us will strike up a conversation with a woman without worrying about what “the right thing” to say to her is, or what she is thinking…

And it will be a conversation of purity, freedom of expression and joy.


Prediction #8: LoGun will become louder.

Doesn’t mean we won’t try to silence him 😉



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