All PUAs Are Liars.

If you’re like me then you probably decided to ‘get better with women’ after you’ve read ‘The Game’.

And then jumped online to learn a tonne of dating advice.

Maybe you even purchased a DVD program which taught you “fundamentals” of attraction. Or two?

You were lured by the idea of becoming a “pickup artist”. C’mon admit it, I was too.

But why is it that so many guys who embark on the “PUA path” never see the success with women that they thought they would?

Let me offer you a perspective.

The reason we were shit with women at some stage in our life is because we did things that we thought would get women to like us.

We supplicated, we put up with behaviour in women which we would not have tolerated in men, we bought presents for women out of need, rather than sincerity.

We were not being TRULY ourselves.

Instead, we moulded into whatever shape we thought would get us the end result – the girl.

That is the syndrome of being – as my girlfriend put it the other day – a walking doormat. Or, in seduction community terms, a ‘nice guy’.

Is it any wonder that the women rejected those spineless versions of ourselves which we served up to them?

Along came the seduction community.

“Don’t be needy, don’t supplicate, act indifferent – until she qualifies herself to you, be high-value, don’t talk about Warcraft, lean back, here’s a routine you can use as an opener.”


So, the words that the PUAs are saying to women have come a long way from the bad old days of…

“Can I buy you a drink?”

And PUAs have even gone as far as shifting the mindsets behind their words. “Don’t be attached to the outcome, give value”, they say.

But are those shifts are as profound as they seem? Let’s investigate.

Why are PUAs being “non-needy”, “non-supplicating”, “non-attached to the outcome”? Is it not to create attraction? Which means, they’re still doing their tricks just so that…

..women would like them!

Is it progress? Or is it just more of marching on the spot, albeit in a different uniform?

Are PUAs being 100% honest with the women they talk to?

When was the last time a PUA walked up to a woman and said:

“This is kinda random, but I thought you’re really cute and I’ll feel really fulfilled after I spend a night with you, so let me demonstrate some qualities of a non-needy guy, ready?”

It seems that as we embarked on this journey of “becoming better with women” we have proceeded to learn how to pick up women, without paying much attention to WHY we’re doing it.

And in doing so, we forgot to seek advice which helps us become truly fulfilled – and then approach a woman with a cup that is full.

Instead, a trap that a lot of us have fallen into many times – myself included – is that of “I want to learn how to pick up women – because that will make me feel fulfilled”.

Is that REAL fulfillment?

Is that real NON-NEEDY, ALPHA behaviour?

Just on that note, I was sitting in traffic the other day, and a guy pulled up alongside on a Harley motorcycle.

One look at him revealed that underneath the worn leathers, the thin helmet and the barking exhaust of his admittedly cool wheels, he was still a dork.

Some Harley salesman tapped into his pain and sold him on the idea that the motorcycle was going to make up for the shortcomings he felt on the inside.

It didn’t work.

Don’t let some dating guru sell you on the idea that once you learn how to be a PUA, you’ll be any less of a dork than you were when you were being a walking doormat.



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