‘Dirty’ Secrets Of Alpha Males Exposed.

Have you ever met one of those men who just seem to effortlessly radiate energy?

True alpha males. Men with presence. Men who ooze confidence, rather than just act confidently.

They’re loving and giving through strength and compassion. They have time and energy for anyone who happens to enter their world and their life is full of perfect synchronicities.

They’re powerful human beings who effortlessly move through interaction after interaction without the need to use false time constraintss, negs, or any other community junk.

Have you ever wondered how they do it and where their power comes from?

The research I’ve done over the last couple of months has led me to the conclusion that every enlightened philosophy is pointing in the
same direction; everyone is trying to open the same door, they just have different names and ways of explanations it.

David Hawkins concept of Power vs. Force is the most concise explanation of it, so let me start there.

True personal power is that which we all have within us. It is what we feel when we are moving congruently with honesty, courage and love in open harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Force is the complete opposite. It is the energy we utilise when we are attempting to move against ourselves and our deepest desires. It
is what moves us when we try and pretend that we are something that we are not.

Power flows effortlessly through life. Force creates resistance.

For those familiar with David Deida’s work; the first stage, 1950’s macho jerk is a classic example of the use of force over power.

Men were forced to suppress their inner feminine as this was a sign of weakness.

Men who got their hair styled, danced passionately, or wore bright colours were looked at suspiciously and forced by society to change as
this was unacceptable behaviour in that macho environment.

Forcing a man to repress his desires and urges requires constant effort and work in order to maintain the outer shell projected for

This is effort he could be utilising in other areas of his life: in his study, in his work, in the pursuit of his greatest purpose.

The macho jerk has to constantly and consciously monitor his words and actions in the public domain; he has to constantly check in with
society’s beliefs and ideals to make sure that he is meeting their standards.

This externally validated lifestyle results in constant second guessing and suppression of ones true desires.

The suppression of his true desires creates resistance within. This resistance manifests itself in any number of negative emotions
including frustration and anger as his true essence is not being expressed.

His life is progressing unfulfilled.

This is in contrast to the third stage Man who has accepted and embraced his inner feminine and transcended these desires.

Once he accepts himself complete as a whole, he now has the power to move forward and direct his effort in the pursuit of his greatest truth; living a fulfilled life on purpose.

He is not externally validated as he is living his purpose in line with his ideals and beliefs. He does not have to monitor his words or
actions in public as he is living his ideals and beliefs.

He exerts no force or effort over himself as he is living his ideals and beliefs.

He experiences no resistance from within himself.

He is power manifest. His movement through life is easy and free from personal constraint.

True personal power comes from accepting and transcending your own personal insecurities and desires whilst force is simply suppressing them.

The Power vs. Force dichotomy is also evident in Taoism.

The Taoist philosophy believes, unlike the other major eastern philosophies, that heaven is not an unimaginable paradise but is simply a reflection of earth, and that the earth is perfect and complete within itself.

They see every element on earth complete as it is.

It may not be suitable for every purpose or meet every standard but as it is, right now, it is perfection. If you try and force nature against its will then you will be fighting a tiring life of constant uphill battle of frustration and unhappiness.

But if you accept the way of nature as perfection, then your life will be a powerful and effortless journey of love.

If you try and deny your own true desires and instincts then you will be living a powerless and incongruent life of constant frustration and
unhappiness, but if you accept your true desires and live to your own beliefs then you will move through life with powerful ease.

This does not mean that you should not fight for your deepest desire, but in order to direct your complete power to you greatest cause, you need to stop fighting within yourself first.

The difference between power and force within the community is also very obvious.

The working-from-the-outside-in approach of fake it till you make it is strongly rooted in force.

Forcing yourself to mask your true emotions and repress your true desires to follow the guidelines and ideals set out by another means
that you have to constantly be aware of what you are doing.

You have to consciously monitor your words and actions as you are forcing yourself to act under another’s standards.

If you are living by another’s standards then you must constantly check with them to make sure you are meeting them.

The effort that you are expending in monitoring your words and actions is effort that is not being projected into the interaction with whoever you are interacting with.

This is what is happening when we are not being present.

This lies at the essence of being externally validated.

This creates an environment whereby others cannot trust you.

This is what causes women to lose interest in you.

Understanding, accepting and transcending your true desires will allow you to have much more complete, fulfilling, and rewarding experiences within your interactions.

If you learn to accept and love yourself completely as you are whilst living your deepest purpose, then you will become completely present
in interactions as you do not require anything from the external environment.

You will become completely internally validated as you are living by your own personal beliefs and standards. You will create an environment whereby others will trust you faster and deeper than they trust even
their closest friends.

This is because you are being completely honest with yourself and those you interact with.

Your connections with others will reach undreamed of depths as you open your heart to the world. You will move with powerful ease through interaction after interaction as your energy is solely directed to living you purpose.

This does not mean you should not try and change your beliefs and desires to more greatly empower yourself but in order to do so, first
you need to learn what they are right now and love yourself with them.

Once you do that, only then can you grow.

Think of it like this: You are a power point. Most people have enormous power boards plugged into them and are splitting their power
between many different elements of their life.

There is the power draining to shield their insecurity about the looks, some to cover their personal feelings of not having enough money, some to cover not having an attractive enough partner, or one at all.

More power is spent shielding their belief that they’re not cool enough to interact socially with beautiful women. More to their shield
their dissatisfaction with the current state and direction of their life.

There’s the power draining into their social interactions as they have to constantly maintain a shield of masculinity around their mates.
There’s the power draining into their work life as they try and feint interest in an unfulfilling job.

There’s also the power that drains into looking after their health as their doctor’s told them to get more exercise to reduce the high blood pressure levels brought on by stress.

With all this power draining out of your existence simply so that you can make it through each day, how are you supposed to live your
deepest purpose?

If you plug any more elements into this board, it’s going to short circuit and nothing will work.

But what about this: Instead of suppressing you insecurity about your looks, understand what the cause of this belief is, address it, and
then transcend it.

It then requires no power to maintain a false shield of security and the power that was being expended in that area can be redirected to other, more important areas of your life.

The same goes for all your insecurities. Learn what they really are, love yourself with them, and transcend them. Once they are dealt with
you can remove those plugs and the power can be redirected to living your deepest purpose.

Unplug those from your life that do not love you for who you are as they will simply drain more power from you.

Unplug your unfulfilling job and find one that truly inspires you.

Find one that motivates you to get out of bed every morning. Live your deepest truth.

Once you strip away all the excess elements, there’ll be plenty of room to plug in your deepest purpose. But, by this time you will
realise that you do not need to plug in your deepest purpose.

By this time, you will be living it. It drains no power from you as it is you.

You will flow from you to those around you as you become power itself.

You will become a power giver, rather than a power drainer.

In order to achieve true personal power you must face repressed feelings and emotions and learn to accept who you are, for what you are, right now.

In order to transcend your desires, you must first understand what they actually are and then uncover the true source of these desires.

Once you understand where the belief that they stem from and why they are there, then you can move beyond them. More often than not, your desires are simply symptoms of a much deeper issue.

You must learn to love yourself as you are, for both your strengths and weaknesses. You must learn to love yourself and others with, and
even for, their imperfections.

If you have not fully forgiven yourself and those in your past, then this can be a very intense experience, but the rewards that you will
receive will be well worth the effort.

You must first open your heart to yourself and only then, can you open it to those around you.

This is the first step in the most empowering journey you will ever take.



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