Anatomy Of An Alpha Male.

I’m curious ..

What drove you to the seduction community?

– Did you want to have a cute ‘girl next door’ girlfriend?

– Did you want to be able to effortlessly chat with girls and not be nervous?

– Did you want to be the guy who women respond to (and perhaps secretly fantasize about)?

Or did you get into seduction community because you wanted to become a Pick Up Artist and go out ‘sarging’ all the time?

Probably not that last one.

If you’re going to continue getting better with women, you have to realise an important fact: the path there is through being Alpha. Not a PUA.

Let us quickly show you the difference between an Alpha and a PUA.

First, a PUA:

– Has skills
– Games women
– Relies on things outside himself to add value to self
– Deep inside hopes that women like him
– Whilst outwardly demonstrating ‘non-neediness’
– Continually ‘sarges’ to collect positive reference experiences
– So that he ‘stays sharp’

Now, an Alpha:

– Deep inside doesn’t give a shit about what women think
– Because he acts solely out of his desire
– Not out of desire for approval
– Is ‘sharp’ all the time
– Because he cannot be incongruent with his desires
– Is unapologetic about it

In essence, an Alpha is free to do what he wants. When he wants.

He doesn’t focus on what other people want him to do. He doesn’t sweat about what others think of him.

He validates himself from within.

So how do you become an Alpha?

Well, here is the thing: you already are. Surely, you can think of moments in your life when you were totally ‘in state’ and could do or say anything – and others would accept it without question.

Those are the moments of absolute freedom.

Thing is, you’ve built up layers of beliefs which cut you off from having that freedom 24/7.

And the path to shedding those layers is through inner game.

Remember, being an Alpha (a real man, not a PUA) every day of your life can make the difference between doing alright with women and getting exactly what you want. When you want.



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