Enough Approach Anxiety.

I used to have approach anxiety. BAD.

It used to hold me back in many areas of my life. I’d searched for answer in lines, routines, and techniques, but it never really helped.

Then I learnt something that removed it from my life and I was never held back again.

In order to get rid of anything, you have to know what it is. So, what is approach anxiety? If I had to sum it up in one word, it’d be:


Fear of rejection, fear of public embarrassment, fear of finding out you’re not worthy, whatever your particular type, it can all be brought back to fear.

But what is fear? Just like any other emotion, it’s made up of a physical sensation and a thought.

The thing about fear is the physical sensation you experience is exactly the same as excitement.

There’s no difference. The butterflies, the tingling, everything is exactly the same.

The only difference between the two is the thoughts running through your head.

If you think you’re going to gain from the experience / enjoy yourself / things are exciting. It’s only when you think you’re set to lose out of the experience that you feel fear.

For example: if someone gave you a present and told you there was something very expensive in there for you, you’d get excited because you thought you were going to gain.

Then you opened it and found out it was a bomb ready to explode, you’d experience fear because you thought you were about to lose.

If you flip the situation, it stays the same.

If you were given a box and were told that you had to open it and when you did, you’d experience pain, you’d experience fear.

But, if you opened it and found a whole wad of cash that you could use to buy whatever you want, you’d experience excitement as you were going to gain.

Did that make sense?

Approach Anxiety is just a thought in your head. You don’t need external techniques to get rid of it because it’s not an external problem.

If you want to get rid of it, deal with what’s in your head and your approach anxiety will go away.

This was the secret that helped me remove approach anxiety from my world. I stopped looking outside me for techniques and routines to fix this issue and I started to dig inside.

I changed what I viewed as gaining and losing and all of a sudden, approach anxiety became approach excitement!

Instead of focussing on what I had to lose if I went over and spoke to that beautiful woman, I focussed on what I had to gain by going over there – the fun, the excitement, pushing my boundaries, potential of SEX, finding that one perfect girl!

Now, instead of standing on the sideline, with my drink, watching all the beautiful women walking by and not doing anything about it, I was in there.

I was talking, laughing, dancing, having a great time, with all those beautiful women I thought were out of my reach.

Sounds too easy, doesn’t it?

Whilst this is simple concept, it’s not easy. It’s not something you wake up tomorrow and it’s completely changed. It takes work. It takes courage.

But you stand to gain more than just the ability to eradicate your approach anxiety, you have the chance to completely transform your entire world and start down the path to achieving your dreams!

To make the power to do this accessible to everyone, we’ve put together a completely free, no strings attached program to help you start your journey.

It’s called the Inner Game Challenge and it’s still free to join.


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