Why Approaching HB10s Can Be Bad For You.

A lot of guys get in the dating community to get their dating ‘issues’ sorted.

More importantly, they get in to it to “enrich” their relationships with women and improve their chances of striking up relationships – by dealing with their insecurities and limiting beliefs.

The problem is, though, that most guys get in this community, and get good. And then they lose sight of the abovementioned aim.

What happens is they get good at “picking up girls” and they stick to it because it becomes comfortable and easy. And because it becomes a GREAT new way of covering up insecurities and gaining validation from other males.

And people in general.

I have been in the dating community for just over a year and had the pleasure of meeting some of the best guys around.

And I noticed that a lot of these guys are GOOD at getting WOMEN, but not WOMEN THEY WANT.

So I ask you, is what you REALLY want validation? Or actually relationships with women you’re attracted to?

Let me explain.

I was at Baroq the other night and saw two really tall girls who were absolutely beautiful.

Or at least they would be considered so by “society’s standards”. And logically, I found them ‘attractive’, but I didn’t FEEL anything for them, so a part of me came to surmise that “I want to talk to them”, but another part had no drive for it.

Later the same night I saw this short girl. Not as supermodel shaped as the other 2 women.

But when I looked at her, I felt something in my loins, and a motivation .. I felt sexual in her presence. I don’t know why or how, but I did and I was more interested in pursuing her than the other really tall girls.

So whats my point?

Know what the fuck you want, whether its validation from other guys, or actually enjoyment of the company of people that enrich your life. And don’t approach 50 girls, approach 50 girls you’re ATTRACTED to.

I’m still trying to find the line between “Abundance” and “Pursuing”.

I’d rather be good at getting girls I like than getting girls. How bout you?

Guys then ask me, “If that guy is so good at pick up, why isn’t he with HB10s every week?

And my simple answer to that is:

“Because he knows what he wants – and he is doing it for his own happiness, not yours”.

Sometimes they’ll be Hb10s. Sometimes they’ll be HB7s. But they will always be girls he is actually attracted to.

End rant.

– Jekz

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