Are You Being ‘Needy’ Around Women?

This concept of ‘being needy’ around women is one thing that’s thrown around the community fairly regularly.

I’m pretty sure that we all know the benefits of not being needy around women – but how do you actually do it?

There is a long-term solution (nothing will reduce neediness more than living your core purpose) but one that you can use the very next time you go out is ..


I’m not talking about the kind of meditation that involves chanting and holding intricate yoga positions in the middle of a club.

I’m talking about just being able to be there and be WITH YOURSELF.

Just being able to sit in your own world and enjoying all that it has to offer you. It will mean that you don’t need a woman around to have fun – you generate your own fun.

So, next time you’re sitting on the train, or in your car, or just waiting for someone, have a look around you.

See the people, see the activities, the birds, whatever you like, and just enjoy their movement, their life, their energy.

Marvel in the beauty and intricacy of nature as it moves and flows around you. Just let thoughts enter your head, and let them flow out again.

Steven is a master at this with appointments…

Of course, being able to love the world around you is far easier when you love yourself and you are living your purpose.

But being able to enjoy your own company doesn’t have to wait until you’ve reached achieved strong inner game. It can start now.

One thing that always intrigues me about the world is that every single person in the world has a story to tell.

They’re all going somewhere, they all have hopes and dreams, they have all gone through sadness and experienced happiness. I wonder what that is?

Every single car on the road contains at least one person that is travelling to a destination to fulfil some kind of purpose. I wonder what that is?

Before you say it – yes, you CAN sit in a club by yourself and not look weird. I do it all the time.

Most times I’m usually by myself because of my body odour but quite frequently because I just get over talking to people sometimes.

I’ll just sit down, lean back, and just take in the atmosphere of the club. I’ll just enjoy the people around me and their energy and movement.

It’s an attractive trait to be the kind of guy who can generate with others but it’s also very attractive to be a guy who can generate fun all by himself.

‘What’s their story?’ is also a fun game to play with a girl.

If you’re chatting with a girl and you notice someone interesting (or even uninteresting) around you, make up their story together. Give them a background, make up their happiness, their sadness, their love, and their frustration.

So to reduce the amount that you ‘need’ her in your life for happines, start needing yourself in your life for happiness.



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