Ask Me Anything Episode 1: Bullies, Babes and Blasphemy

As it is promised, so it shall be delivered…

The first episode of Ask Me Anything is live and you can listen to it here:

(To download it, right click and select ‘save as’ here)


Links to things talked about in the podcast:

– Ask your own question on the Ask Me Anything Forum Thread
– To learn more about The Script, check out Endgame
– To discover more about what you want out of life, check out InSight
– To get personal feedback on your specific challenges and barriers, sign up for Personal Coaching

Yes, it’s quite long (Just under an hour to be exact) but there’s plenty of great stuff in there for you to sink your teeth into.

Here’s a list of the questions you’ll hear answered and some of the random stuff we talk about:
Question 1 (1:19) How do you deal with obnoxious Alpha bullies?

– The easy way to make yourself feel important
– The simple way to make sure you don’t get sexually harassed on the dance floor
– How to avoid killing people when you’re having a good night out
– What to do when someone tries to make you look like a tool
– How to get Alpha bullies to work to gain your approval
– How to deal with security guards getting you in ‘doggie’ style
– What you can do to eliminate the possibility of dealing with Alpha bullies
– Why dealing with your own insecurities and getting to a place where you can give to others will eliminate this issue forever


Question 2 (10:22) How do I break through my mental barriers and start taking the first step around attractive women?

– The importance of breaking big tasks into bite sized pieces
– How hitting on your mum can take the pressure out of stressful situations
– The process you can use to deal with anxiety in any situation
– What to do when you see a woman you really want but you’re too busy bumping and grinding on the dance floor with an obnoxious Alpha bully
– The importance of lifestyle and how you can change the way you live your life to help overcome approach anxiety
– What meditating in the snow can do to help you take anxiety head on


Question 3 (21:16) Can women be attracted to you if directly state your sexual interest in them?

– What I’ve learned from RSD about attraction
– How to make sure your honest sexual expression doesn’t come out as creepiness
– The power of open sharing
– How innocent and simple questions can give away deeper clues to your underlying mindset
– My personal record for how quickly I could touch a woman’s breasts after meeting her and have her be happy with that
– Why changing what you’re doing to attract women is a waste of time
– The way that lifestyle change will keep you from falling into common traps


Question 4 (32:01) Why do women cheat?

– Who’s really responsible when a woman cheats on you
– The most powerful mindset to take when a woman cheats on you
– How to make sure a woman never cheats on
– Why my girlfriend cheated on me and how I dealt with
– What she knows about how you hug her


Question 5 (38:52) How do you find your true passion and purpose when you’re feeling down and in the dumps?

– The reason you NEED to have your ‘down’ moment
– The powerful lessons you will get from your loneliness, depression, and anxiety
– The right questions to ask to get you out of a hole when you feel lost and confused
– The problems you’ll face if you never have negative experiences or just block them out
– The quick-fix, magic-bullet solution to overcoming your loneliness
– How to find your core desires
– The incredible benefits that feeling left out and alone gave me and how it was the catalyst for me transforming my life
– How often I recommend you feel bad each week and how you can use it to create a fulfilling and rewarding life


If you’ve got a question about anything discussed in this podcast, leave it in the comments below.

If you’ve got a question not covered in this podcast that you want answered, leave it in the Ask Me Anything Forum Thread

If you want a coach to give you personal feedback on your specific problems and challenges, you can contact there on the Personal Coaching page.


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10 Responses

  1. pablin

    Hey man!! pablin here!!
    And yes, English is not my first language.
    I understood perfectly the question 4 (by the way, thank you very much for that).
    But I have a doubt about what you said on the third question. You say: “Is not what you do, it´s who you are that is attractive to her”
    My doubt is this (actually, if you look at the end of the question I wrote in the forum, I also asked about this): you say that to create attraction you must give to her what she needs in the present moment, right? But from my point of view, to do this you need to change what you do (which contradicts what you said in the podcast). For example in the post “7 Things I wish I knew about women” you say that some women want to be disrespected and some not, so to attract a woman that wants to be disrespected you can´t express yourself in a respectful way. Is that what you mean in the post? Can you clarify this?

    • pablin

      You wrote here above: “If you’ve got a question about anything discussed in this podcast, leave it in the comments below.”
      I have a question about something discussed in this podcast, but you don´t answer to me. YES, I KNOW, YOU WILL SAY THAT THIS QUESTION CAN´T BE ANSWERED WITH A FEW WORDS. But come one man!!! hahaha. I DON´T NEED A LONG ANSWER. I CAN FIGURE OUT BY MYSELF THE REST OF THE ANSWER IF YOU JUST GIVE TO ME A FEW WORDS.
      You say that you can do anything but you also say that if you don´t give to her what she want she will not be attracted to you. I JUST NEED YOU TO ANSWER ME WHICH ONE OF THE AFFIRMATIONS IT´S TRUE (OR IF THE TWO OF THEM ARE TRUE).
      That´s a question about something discussed in this podcast.

      Come on man!!! hahaha. Answer me!!!

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      The only time that giving her what she needs is going to cause problems is if giving her what she needs isn’t what you want to do. If you live your life in a way that means you have everything that you want, then the natural transition is to want to give to others – this includes women.

      • pablin

        Awesome answer!
        That clarify everything. Thank you so much man!

  2. Luis H.

    I have a fucking question hahaha …why you say that if you are not feeling bad at least one time per week there is something wrong, when most of the spiritual teachers say that if you feel bad that´s because you are not being in the moment??? you say that when spiritual teachers say “just be present” they are just giving to us another rule to follow???

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Very good question mate and this is one that will take a while to get through. Can you chuck it in the Ask Me Anything thread and I’ll cover it when we do the next podcast?

  3. Mariano

    Hey Leigh, did you always resolve your issues, like what you mention in regards to your ex cheating on you or any other internal issue, on your own? Did you ever *have* to get help from a therapist or something like that for really deep things inside you?

    Did you always have at least one friend or did you also have to get comfortable with making friends too? I ask because I heard the mp3 about your story and you talk about being waaay too anxious with dudes even, and then about going out with Steven. What was that transition like for you?

    Thank you already for everything dude.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      No, I’ve never gotten help from a therapist. I’ve always worked through my own shit on my own. I tend to find the answers and solutions that therapist give to be very surface level and ineffective and so didn’t bother going that route. I just worked on my own shit.

      The second part of the question you’ve asked is HUGE and I can’t answer it here.

      If you want a real answer to it, throw it up in the forum and we’ll get to it when we do the next call.

  4. Vincent Vinturi

    I dig the piece on loneliness. 🙂 I’ve found there’s a big difference between aloneness and loneliness. And the difference is when you’re alone, you spend time getting to know yourself, asking yourself what you want and having an honest few moments with yourself. When you’re feeling lonely, you just want the company of others so you don’t have to go inward and face yourself. I get the craving to be around people. But I also believe that in order to be a strong, self-sufficient, attractive man, you have to be comfortable with your aloneness. To love it, in fact!

  5. viimapoika

    Hey man/guys! Good podcast! On the second question I got the honor for asking it, but it was asked from ‘luizfelippe’ so the true honor should go to him. Also there was something in your voice that made me think that maybe I could feel powerful by not needing anything from anyone and just focusing on my own shit. So I went to gym on this mindset kinda imitating you and despite there being these trained hot girls there was NO FUN FLIRTING at all! So now I hate you and will NEVER TALK WITH YOU AGAIN. But seriously reminding that feeling low and powerless and not necessary bad things is actually really good stuff and something that is easy to forget when being overpositive is a trend. (And yes I shouldn’t try to be Logun anymore and instead trying to show my own qualities to girls to attract them)


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