Look, there are plenty of "guides" on the Internet which will teach you how to flirt with girls. And in those you'll hear some familiar themes: be playful, make her feel sexy, don't care about the outcome, tease her.. But here's the interesting part: KNOWING THAT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. You can be a world expert on how to flirt with girls.. You can read 100 articles which describe flirting techniques..

Where To Find Women: Guide For Real Men

Is there a "woman drought"? Lots of guys are wondering about where to find women these days. Well, how many women do you walk past each day? Quite a few, right? There's probably a cute girl who makes you coffee in the mornings. And a hot girl you saw on the bus. And in a bookshop. And the woman who strutted past you in the street. I'll assert that your real problem is not a case of "where to find women?" as "how do I approach women who I see every day?"

What Attracts Women To Men?

If you're searching for what attracts women to men, you probably are looking for tips on how you can act differently.. that women feel attracted to you. Now, I'm not any kind of guru - I'm just a guy is on a journey of realising my fullest potential as a man. And I'm lucky to have some great women in his life. And so I asked one of them - what attracts women to men? What does she want in a man?

Changing Your Life.

Are you in the process of changing your life? How long have you been doing this process? A year? Two years? Shouldn't you have a Bachelor's degree in Changing Your Life by now? ;) Now, what you probably know by now is the old cliche: the more things change, the more things remain the same. I heard that one before - many times - but I never really got why...

How To Be Confident.

I'm sure you've read other blog articles about how to be confident. This one will be a little different. And here's why. It has nothing to do with learning how to be confident. Rather, it will show you how to let your natural confidence emerge. I find that I'm most confident when I have nothing to hide. Like really - it's only when I'm trying to pretend something in front of a woman that confidence becomes an issue...

Stingy Much?

I realised recently just how stingy I am with people. I went on a date a few days ago. And you know what my real, underlying purpose for going was? To leave her thinking: "Jeez, he was a great guy." Like, really. Underneath my words, the banter and even the kiss at the end, that date was not about my date. It was all about me...

I Don’t Have My Shit Together.

I've been writing and talking a lot about areas of my life which are not working lately. I find it interesting. I noticed I really enjoy having conversations with people where we both acknowledge that we don't have all our shit together. I call them the "what are you dealing with?" conversations...

#1 Reason Not To Play It Cool.

We are amazingly good at playing it cool. I remember seeing a quote once, which said: "Seriousness is Man's oldest con game." My interpretation of the meaning behind it was this: to act serious, somber, non-expressive, as we all do around people who we hardly know, is a facade - which we all play into because it's safe. And we play into this facade because inside it, there's little risk. There's little chance people might laugh...

A Beginners Guide To BEING POWERFUL.

Do you have a habit of complaining? About life? About people? Women? Your parents? Your boss? Good. Welcome to being human. So, let’s have a look at that. I invite you to begin viewing all the things you complain about as a product of your creation. By that I mean – resist the temptation to blame someone else for your anger, frustration...

It’s NOT Your Fault.

It can be tempting to say this to yourself: It's not your fault that your interactions with women are not as amazing, real, authentic, powerful, deep and moving as you want them to be.. It's the fault of people who brought you up. I mean, they just didn't teach you the lessons you needed to learn. So you became inauthentic - you became the "nice guy" as a strategy to getting..