On Seeking Validation.

A little earlier I was sitting in a busy cafe behind my laptop.. ..when I noticed something odd about myself. When I opened up a tab with the latest edition of Harvard Business Review, I also became very aware if someone in the vicinity saw what I was reading, they'd be impressed. And I noticed myself relax and become present. It's like there was more of me to take...

Are You Living TOO Comfortably?

"How are you?" "I'm Good." Such a standard greeting and such a token, throwaway answer. I bet you said it yourself - at least twice today. But what's behind "I'm good"? Well, let's try this on: When you say "I'm good", is it fair to say that most of the time what you're really saying is..

Why Love Songs Are Rubbish.

I was in the gym the other day, looking at myself in the mir.. I mean, pushing my boundaries, when a strange videoclip began to play on the plasma screens. It was a shirtless man by the name of Steelheart, singing a pop dance love song, in which he reassured...

Is There ANYONE Out There?

You know a bunch of people. Some of them you like, others you don't really like. Some are nice. Some are angry. Some are annoying. Some are good. Some are bad. And so on... If you don't like some people, you tend to move away from them. And if you like them, you tend to keep them...

Do You Know The Truth?

Consider this: truth is made, rather than found.. What do you hold as "true"? Do you realise that another person could have a different perspective on your truth, and call it a "truth" also? Which one of you is right? Who is wrong?

Seeking Out Discomfort.

Going out of your way to find uncomfortable situations isn't natural, but it's essential... At work, we spend hours (and millions of dollars seeking a place we can defend, a market position and sinecure we can feel safe in...

How To Get A Great Job .. And Other Stuff.

If you've met me in person, or if you read this blog often, then you probably know that I have worked as a bartender for the past 5 years. Heck, I remember serving a drink or six to many loyal AI subscribers and customers over the years. It's been great. But all that has recently come to an abrupt end..