On "Faking It Till You Make It".

To those who are approaching endless women, expecting that they can "fake it till they make it", I offer this quote: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein.

A Life Worth Risking.

It's commonly known that Apple was started by two Steves: Jobs and Wozniak. But did you know that Apple had a little-known third founder? Third guy left the partnership two weeks after Apple was incorporated, selling his 10% share for less than a grand - a share which would be worth billions today. He cited "too much risk" as the reason for leaving. Some people say he is foolish, and describe his decision as the worst investment decision in history. They miss one vital point...

Are You "Good Enough" To Be On TV?

I've recently blogged about how the movie characters we love represent the outcomes we seek. In a nutshell, I was saying that the TV and movie characters you get most addicted to possess the qualities that you want to possess. For example Hank Moody from Californication is addictive because...

Stripping Away Your Inner Crap 101.

You are a unique manifestation of God. And when I say "God", I'm not talking about the God who typically comes to mind in a traditional Biblical context. Thus, I'm not talking about a Creator, or a Trinity, or an omnipresent spirit being.. .. who metes out punishment, forgives sin and answers prayers. Although you're free to believe in that, if you...

Watching Movies Will Help You Attract Women?

I was in a video shop the other day, renting The Thomas Crown Affair. And then I had this little epiphany. Why was I choosing THIS movie? I've seen it a billion times already .. I can quote from it freely, and it's not like the plot is going to reveal any new surprises for me when I watch it this time. And yet here I was, about to..

Read This If You Have Female Friends.

When I was going through my Mr Nice Guy Who Women Just Want To Be Friends With (TM) phase... ..I befriended lots of women. They weren't honest friendships - I harboured "secret crushes" on most of them, and secretly hoped that once they realise how great and stable and smart I am..


I keep hearing this a lot: women are apparently attracted to rich men. A chap even emailed me a few weeks ago, saying that he has tried every dating product under the sun and it hasn't worked for him. His conclusion: women are only attracted to rich (and tall, according to him), men. And no amount of dating advice was going to change that universal law...