“It is a profound book. It paves the way for that strong man that lives within you to explode free and be in complete presence with the world. It will help in pick up, but I say even more importantly, coming to this will help you in all other relationships and interactions in your life.” – David Pita


Becoming naturally and effortlessly attractive to women isn’t hard.

It’s not even complicated.

In fact, it’s one of the simplest and most fulfilling journeys you can ever go on…

…when you know what you’re doing.

You see, there aren’t 100 barriers you’ve got to overcome.

There aren’t 100 things you have to change.

There’s only ONE.

It’s a very simple mechanism that’s responsibile for the fact that you’re not naturally attractive to women.

It also happens to be responsible for every barrier you face in life.

Seduction Community Sucks will show you that barrier.

Endgame will show you how to deal with it for good.

If being free, open, and 100% yourself whilst attracting the women you only dream about, is something you’d like to do…

…then Endgame is the book you need.

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