Building Incredible Connections With Women.

I work in sales, and we’re always told to build rapport with the customer..

..especially over those long distance deals.

When you build rapport with the customer, they are more likely to purchase something from you.

Rapport works in sales because neither you, nor the customer, expect to remain friends after the process..

..or have any sort of relationship that goes further than the customer taking out their wallet, and the salesperson providing the goods or services in exchange for the money.

Now this might be a fine way to approach a one night stand if that’s what you’re after..

..but if you’re after something that goes deeper, is a lot more satisfying, and lasts a lot longer, than “rapport building” just isn’t going to cut it.

I expect that because you’re reading this blog that you’ve been searching for something a little more fulfilling than shallow one night stand, after one night stand, with no real connection between two people.

If this is you, you need to throw out the rulebook on building rapport, and start to look at how you can better connect with women.

It’s the connection that allows two people to really see each other for who they are, and to bond knowing that they’re not on this journey alone.

It is the foundation of connection that builds solid grounds for a relationship with a woman.

And connection cannot occur without authenticity.

Some would tell you to ask lots of “qualifying” questions to find out if she’s the kind of woman you want in your life, and that way you’ll get to know her.

But you’ll never really get to know her this way, all you’ll get to know is her ability to answer your questions; her essence is lost in this process.

Not only that, but you’ve not given anything away about you in the process; all you’ve done is interview somebody, kept yourself tucked neatly away..

..with a barrier between you and a beautiful woman preventing either of you from connecting on any human level.

It’s not until you drop your act, cut the bullshit, and really let this woman in that you will ever get to know her, that you will ever get to connect with her, and that you will ever get to qualify her.

Because until you let this woman in…

…you know nothing about who she is at her core.

And it’s not until she responds to your vulnerability that you will ever know if the two of you are compatible; because if she can’t be present with you when you’ve shown her the deepest parts of your soul.. could she ever be present with you in a relationship?

How this woman responds to your vulnerability, your realness, and your authenticity, will tell you more about that woman in a second than any amount of rapport building, or qualifying her with questions.

And you can find this out within minutes of meeting her, simply by lowering your façade, and letting that woman really see into you, by being real, and remaining authentic, no matter how scary it may seem.

I guarantee you that when you do this the quality of woman in your life will drastically change for the better.


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