Can Asian Guys Attract White Girls?

(DISCLAIMER: I’m half Chinese and this is written tongue in cheek. So before you call me racist, have a laugh and learn something that could change your life)

I realise that your slanted little eyes and off-yellow skin makes it difficult for anyone to love you…

But is it true that it’s ESPECIALLY hard for you to attract white women?

Even impossible?

If you’re anything like most Asian guys, you probably believe it is.

Somewhere through your childhood, you had some bad expereince where a white woman turned you down, VICIOUSLY stomped all over your heart and you’ve been scarred from that moment onwards.

Your close group of yellow brothers banded around you in defiant support of the devastation and pain inflicted upon you with comforting words like:

“It couldn’t be helped. White women just don’t like Asian guys…”

“It’s not you, it’s the colour of your skin.”

“That will teach you for thinking you could get a round-eye!”

And from there, your life long limiting belief was formed.

Now, I could sit here and tell you a thousand times over that your limited ability to date a white woman has NOTHING to do with the colour of your skin and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that you simply don’t help her feel empowered, free, loved, beautiful, and appreciated…

…but that’s not going to do anyone any good.

Your beliefs are formed with evidence and they’re only going to be changed with evidence.

So, instead of trying to convince you of fact that white women do actually date yellow men, I’m just going to show you a video.

It’s a video of a Chinaman who dated a WHITE San Deigo Chargers Cheerleader.

As you’re watching it, pay very close attention to the kind of Man he is and have a guess of how he makes women feel.

You might realise exactly why you’re not attracting white women and what you need to change.

Crap. They’ve made the video private.

So, instead, here’s a video of a hot, white girl saying why she prefers to date Asian dudes.


And here’s a ‘girl next door’ saying that she dated a white guy for a year and a half.


So stop the excuses and get your shit together. It’s not because you’re Asian, it’s simply because of the kind of Man you’re being around white women.

If you want to find the one thing you need to change to start becoming naturally attractive to White (and any other colour) women…

…get your free copy Seduction Community Sucks from the top of this page.

In it, you’ll learn the one thing preventing you from effortlessly attracting women and how to change it for good.

P.S. I’ve only ever dated white women (not racial thing, just happened that way) and my girlfriend of three years is white. Go figure…






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78 Responses

  1. Sean


    As an indian(Yes we’re considered asian too suck it) this has been my belief to hell sometimes even now.

    This makes me realize that I gotta really figure out and determine what I want to do and how I want to live my life and ruthlessly go after it.

    Thanks man. Any advice on where to go from here?

    • TruthBeTold

      You might be considered Asian geographically, but in real life you are considered just “Indian”. Dark skinned South Asians from India are not considered to be the same group as East Easians like the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Malaysians, etc. Having said that, the dynamic which makes Asian men unattractive to white women does not apply to Indians. Many white women find Indians extremely attractive. Hate to say it guys, but it is your penis size. Indians have even smaller willies than East Asians. And all Asians are generally much smaller than black and white guys who both can easily get white women.

      • mike

        You’re just an insecure little twat. Obviously you have no real extensive experiences with women. How the hell do you know what each man packs? Grow up kid. Seldom women care about size. For most its not important what matters
        most is personality, confidence, physical attraction then later trust and security.

      • Elle

        I guess you could think of a man as “that useless object on the other end of a penis” or that a “willie” is an appendage attached to a man. If you’re of the latter persuasion then you’ll agree that a man’s worth (or sexual performance) is not measured by the size of his member anymore than s woman’s worth (or performance) is measured by the size of her rack.
        Wow whoever gave us the global penis ‘statistics’ is either a medical anthropologist or has REEEALLY been around.
        Then again maybe your stats are a result of you not having gotten around at all. Unless (whoever you are) you date prepubescent boys you are waaaay off base.
        To each her own but what a burden it must be to single out men to date or in your case to bed, based on something you probably gleaned off of Wikipedia. However may I suggest visiting an adult toy store (in which case you can probably disregard all of the following) and/or
        consult s plastic surgeon to see if in fact it’s you who needs an (downsize) adjustment; consult a shrink to find out if you’re a nympho, relocate to wherever it is you seem to think you’ll find genital nervava, get tested regularly, get really good health insurance, or try to develop a personality. Whatever you choose be sure to procure a plethora of plus-size prophylactics.

      • Harry

        You are contradicting yourself. You say that many white women find Indians attractive and yet you are saying the willies are smaller than Asians.

    • Not Really

      Indians and Pakistanis are Asian technically, but when western people say “Asian” they mean east Asian like from Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Not India or Pakistan.

  2. Marcos

    Damn, he has a very positive outlook about life!! Thank you for sharing this Leigh!!
    It makes me feel empowered and dissapointed at the same time. And this is because it encourages me to work more on the things that I love and also makes me feel stupid for all the time that I waste complaining about “silly” things

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      My pleasure mate.

      It’s fine to feel disappointed. It’s fine to feel like you’ve wasted time. But when you do, just allow that disappointment to drive you further and push you harder to overcome your challenges.

      And it’s great you picked up on the attitude. Every single Asian guy I’ve met who claims that it’s not possible for them to pick up white women, has been submissive, fragile, and dependent. Every single one I’ve met with a beautiful white girlfriend has been independent, strong, and positive.

      Funny that…

  3. Rac

    It was an incredible article, Leigh!
    And for other guys that are shorter than others, they can get beautiful women too.
    Being small is not a bad thing neither.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

      You’re right. Short guys can attract women. Fat guys can attract women. Guys with big ears can attract women. Any physical appearance has the ability to make women feel safe, secure, appreciated, and excited.

      It all comes down to what kind of Man you are.

      • Bruce

        I believe some women are just attracted or interested in Asian men because some of us Asian men can and do some other men generally can’t or won’t do for women and with women …

  4. Doruk

    Hey Leigh the link is broken. Can you fix it? Everybody needs to get inspired now or then ^^

    • admin

      They made the video private so I’ve found you another one. Not as impressive as the last one but still does the job.

  5. Mark

    This article is well-written but really ignores the elephant in the room. Yes, white girls are attracted to guys who empower them, blah, blah, but looking Asian is certainly a handicap. In other words, an asian dude needs to not only make them feel good, the girl has to feel SO good that she doesn’t mind the fact she’s not physically attracted to him. This is the same argument for many fat unattractive white guys who get girls. Personal experience: The pretty white girls I’ve seen who actually prefer white guys, are the ones who love how asians spend more money on girls.

    • Acacia

      Asian guys can be attractive! I’m a 23 year old woman. I’m white, I think I’m reasonably pretty and I’m extremely attracted to Asian guys. I’m the one insecure about it – I never see an Asian guy dating a white girl – but there aren’t many Asian guys were I live so that could be why. You guys have the most beautiful, dark hair. Man that gets me…. You could reasonably say my entire sexual orientation = Asian. I don’t want your “money”, I’m not glamoured by Korean dramas, I’m attracted to Asian guys because your features make me want you. You don’t even have to be a model. Even “average” Asian guys are leagues more attractive than “average” white guys, if that’s our taste. Pleassssse don’t discourage other Asian guys from asking us out!

      • Richi

        Thank you acacia…

        iam asian men, and i feel the same just like you feel,
        also want a western wife…
        good word

      • James

        So, what part of the US are you? I mean here in jersey, jersey women seem so different

      • Bruce

        Someone like you sure deserve to be happy by some nice Asian man. Dating sure may not be easy for us some but keeping Hope like the way you do actually give Asian man (I am middle age Asian) many of Hope. Don’t listen too much of others, follow your true feeling.

    • Onigirigirl

      That is not true at all! I’m a white girl who loves the way Asian guys look. So do a lot of my other white girls friends, we dig the look dude.

  6. Capn Legs

    Hey, so apparently we’re all just being dumb about this… One of my friends showed this to me, and I couldn’t help but to laugh at the irony. I am in fact a white girl that finds asian guys very attractive. The thing is… Every time I try to talk to an asian guy, I feel like they just are not interested in any way possible! It bums me out a little…
    This actually makes me laugh at just how you guys are kind of feeling my pain here.. Oh the irony.. Well just know that if you want a girl, you’re going to have to man up and show interest. I’m pretty confident about myself, but when a guy I show interest in doesn’t even acknowledge me… Ouch ha so yeah, I would LOVE for an asian guy to actually show interest back at me.. No need to be shy, give it a shot;)

    • Kevin

      You find Asian guys attractive? I’m and asian male and I’ve never had a problem attracting white girls- it both attitude and looks that get the job done.

    • Richi

      Why we dont Start to approach white girl coz we thought you would not like or date us…so thats why we give that reaction, insecure feeling of rejection.

  7. jeanne

    I love this arrival and I am thinking I might share it on my fb. I dated a Chinese man and I never felt more loved. But his parents ruined it. They came to visit. I never seen him again. But he ruined me for any white guy after him. White guys are rude and very weak minded. Keep it up guys. We are out here. And we maybe right for each other.


    • Leigh

      Amazing Jeanne. Please do share it. It would be so good for more Asians guys to realise this.

      Thanks for sharing.

  8. Tak

    I attract all race of females. most Asian guys don’t even like white girls for one they are bigger than most Asian guys, two you can’t bring that home to your parents without them shaking their heads.

    The simple logic is this, it’s not nor your white or Asian. it’s a matter of the two person. do they love each other .

  9. Natalie

    I totally believe this haha. Ok so I’m not asian, I am white, (a white girl) I was actually on this websites to check to see if I would have a chance with my japanese crush. I hope so! White girls do think asian men are attractive!

  10. stacy

    Hi I am a white girl. I have dated both white and asian men. I have always felt asian men were my type. I still do. I dated white men mostly because I find most asians did not like white girls. Lol because I couldent find an interested asian man. It took my whole life to find them but I dated two asian men happiest I ever was. I LOVE ASIAN MEN. AND I NEED ONE NOW. I REALLY WORSHIP YOU. this is no joke its heartfelt. You are the most handsome men on earth! I will always feel this way. Xo

    • Mike

      That’s great, you must be one out of a million that walked by me like I’m invisible.

      • mike

        Blame yourself for not having enough balls to approach them boy.

  11. Rocky

    From my experience, there is a huge wall for asian men to hurdle. A lot of white women are attracted to the fashion statement/life style of the boots/truck/cowboy. Not trying to be racist but it’s the reality. I am completely open to dating outside my race. Guess it depends on your geographical location. Best of luck.

  12. KaliBeebe

    Hell yeah they can! I LOVE Asians. I’m highly attracted to them.

    • Kevin

      Let’s talk- attractive white girl + attractive Asian male = attractive couple!

  13. mike

    There a plenty of Asian American guys who are with white women so don’t believe the negative hype.
    For example according to the US census 1 out of 3 American born East Asian guys especially Korean and Japanese descent are married to white women. And this figure would be higher if we weren’t so picky unlike other male races we don’t date classless uneducated trash. We have high standards from the pairings I have seen.

    • tuk

      western men have the lowest and classless taste for women. in my thailand, western men generally walk with the dark skinned prostitute class insulted by the thai society. western men generally marry divorced women, not virgin ones despite unmarried thai women over married ones because thailnad is a land of surplus women. this is because men of caucasian race becomes unattractive in our world due to their strange body. but western men still deny this fact but dare to act big but in fact can get nothing but trash women from thai toilets.

  14. tuk

    the english term “yellow” is a limited use within the territory of USA and Europe but cannot be applied in thailand. in fact, northern asians have the same light skin as that of caucasian races. the light skin of northern east asians is apparently more delicate than that of caucasian race. the thai term “white people or white guys or white men” means both northern asians (white thais, chinese, japanese, korean) and caucasian people. and the thai term “farang” specifically means caucasian people with blue eyes and blond hair who have the same skin color as white northern asians.

    in my thailand, my thai men are seldomly interested in western women. the foreign women who attract the eyes of our thai men are mostly northern east asian women (chinese, korean, japanese).

  15. Billy

    It’s always the low self esteem Asian guys that are attracted to white females. Truth is, a lot of white females are big as in fat. What can a little man do with a big white woman? lol. Some Asian guys are just trying to date them to show off to their white friends or prove it to themselves that they can do it(Self approval) they don’t take rejection too well lol. just be happy for whoever you find as a soul mate. We ain’t getting any younger. it’s a waste of time cashing.

    • Sarah

      Are you kidding me?!! There is a vast stereotype that is attributed to Asian women about being either excruciatingly tiny, or excruciatingly fat. In my experience, fatness seems to abound in Asian women. Fat, rotund Asian women are very, very common. For whatever reason. It’s one extreme or the other. Tiny or obese.

  16. Sarah

    I am white. Whether that is a positive or negative in this world, I know not. But I do know that, as a white woman, I’ve struggled with this issue, and cannot resolve it. But what I can resolve, unfortunately, is that Asian men are not attractive to me. If that makes me an impossibly monstrous creature, so be it. If that makes me evil, or intolerant, or sub-human, I cannot help it. I am not attracted to Asian men.

    • Rocky

      Are you saying asian guys are not attracted to you so you are not attracted to them? Or are you saying even if they were you aren’t.

  17. J

    I don’t know mate, those girls on those youtube channels who claim they like asian lads, I don’t think they would just date any asian guy.

  18. shay

    Some asian men are very g=hot t=== the ones that a=have grown beyond 5’2″ and ar at least 5’10” height and a bit solid no glasses and talk good english think bruce and jackie chan xoxo

  19. Elle

    I think Asian men are gorgeous but they seem to want to date only blond women and alas, I’m a white-skinned, very dark haired Celtic lass.

    • oh

      @Elle, I doubt asian guys care if you are attractive. Also, my first crush was with a blonde haired girl so I think it has to do with experiences growing up.

    • dk

      I am Viet and French 5’10” and i love celtic women, matter of fact my wife is Irish and French. When i was single I love all women and i never had a problem dating all nationalities without sterotrype. Love the midwest, tons of ladies love asian american guys there, tip for my asian brothers.

      • James Aquino

        I’m tired of all the stereotype the american media had portrayed the asian men-it’s sickening to the point that it makes us look weak and frail, when in fact we aren’t. I agree there are a lot of asian men out there that look scrawny or nerdy, but there are asian men too that do care about their appearances-just like there are fat, skinny, and ugly people of different races. Anyhow, the media refuses to make asian men equal to that of the other men.

  20. AP

    Just would like to add that as a white woman, I always thought Asian men were very handsome. Love the contrast with the hair and skin and of course the eyes. All my friends growing up in Europe were Asian too, mostly Chinese and Japanese. So please don’t think that white women don’t like Asian men, we DO! Just have to find the right people of both races and it all works out perfectly! Greeting from Toronto, Canada!:)

  21. Elle

    Asian guys? Wow, good lookin’! But as a pale Celtic lass with very dark hair I’ve found that Asian men seem to be interested only inwomen with blond hair.

  22. Elle

    To all: sorry about the repeat from Nov 1 and @oh, I enjoyed your response. (@James Aquino: The stereotype is definitely changing. So many gorgeous & determined Asian male-actors have and are accomplishing that. Bruce Lee (What a babe!!) had a lot to do with that. He got fed up with the derogatory, prejudicial Asian stereotype so made the remainder of his movies in Hong Kong before he tragically left us. Ironically he and his films are more popular here in the US than ever and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. Who can watch a Jackie Chan or Jet Li movie without recalling the incomparable, highly respected and very much loved Bruce Lee? I think those stereotypes will soon be a thing of the past. By the by I suggest that anyone who thinks Asian men are any less masculine than any other man on the face of the earth read about the Triads. No, no! I’m not suggesting that every Asian man belongs to an Asian ‘mafia’ but it certainly will give anyone in doubt a different perspective to consider. I highly recommend, The Dragon Syndicate regarding this specific topic. Rock on you beautiful Asian men! 😉

    • James Aquino

      Hey Elle, thanks for the compliment 🙂

      I’m West Coast myself but live in New Jersey now and I notice here that asian men are not as popular like guidos and Italian men. I used to live in japan for 4 years being military and I’ve dated mostly japanese women in the past and almost got married to one til things got complicated. I’ve dated a few white girls but I guess havent met the right one because the few I’ve dated I’ve noticed a plethora of ignorance, but not saying all white girls are like that but the few I’ve dated were. I’m glad there are white girls that like asian guys, I need to find someone like you Elle lol.

      • Elle

        There’s a coincidence! I’m a west coast beach-girl and I also previously lived in various Asian countries.

        I’m familiar with the ‘Italian Stallion’ obsession of many women and I bet Italian men even get tired of these over-the-top myths with the most predominant probably being that every single man of Italian ethnicity is in the Mafia, ha!
        Regarding the stereotyping of Asians excuse my ignorance but is there a smaller Asian demographic in the eastern ((US) where you live relative to the west? Because the fewer a particular (ethnically diverse) presence means less contact which naturally leads to the dreaded ethnic stereotype. Whenever the opportunity arises I try to (politely) ‘educate’ people when they voice negative stereotypes, as I hope others would do for me.

        In my wildest dreams I never expected to one day be interpreting an Asian language for a living and in all fairness if not for that I too might have bought into some of the ridiculous Asian stereotypes that prevail. However I did grow up in a heavily and wonderfully Asian-populated area and it never occurred to me to make a distinction between my ethnicity and that of my friends of Asian, African, Latino, Filipino, and other ethnic origins. We went to the same schools, did the same things, socialized outside of school and were equally obnoxious to our teachers and parents as teenagers.

        Becoming an interpreter made me acutely aware that one’s ethnic origin has nothing to do with culture or nationality. Ethnicity is biological, culture is learned and nationality is chosen (though sadly, the latter isn’t true for everyone). Despite all that, the most important thing I’ve learned is that ultimately we all, are more alike than we will ever be different.

        You said you’ve dated some seriously dingy white woman -that’s funny. 😀 its ironic. I’ve witnessed more (conceived) cultural differences and misunderstandings in my own country than I did living abroad. Overseas the ‘differences’ are “in your face” obvious so we go to great lengths to establish similarities so we can find a way to communicate meaningfully and enjoy our bonds as human beings rather than as ‘ethnicities’ or nationalities. I’m seeing a (gorgeous) man who is Japanese (born and raised) but lives, works and owns property here. I don’t know if he has American citizenship and I couldn’t care less. He has a great sense of humor and is personable,mfun, intelligent and kind. Am I dating him just because he’s Asian? Of course not! That’s just a plus. 😉

    • Chester

      @Elle, I think there is a lot of resentment for asians in the states still because of the past historical reasons from wars and stuff and it’s tiring to see stereotypes of asian men like ken jeong acting like an idiot.

      • Elle

        @Chester. Hi Chester. You bring up an excellent , and very important point!! I totally agree. It’s sad but true. ?People? like Kim Song-un doesn’t reflect well on his race or on human beings in general. He’s a 3rd generation psycho starting with his Gramp’s (Kim Song-Il) brutal dictatorship after WW2 and the (huge mistake) of dividing Korea. That said I know, and I hope millions of other people see him not as a reflection on Asians or Asian men but for the evil excuse of a creature that he is. He’s never known anything but privilege and power in his despicable life.
        As for eg., Mao Zedong (pinyon spelling) and Ho Chi Min and the like I hope people see them too for what they became; cruel dictators who just happened to be Asian. Let me tell you, Mao Zedong’s wife (of the infamous Gang of Four) was no slouch when it came to ‘evil’ either! My point is that I pray people are smart enough to know that these evil people soooo do not represent their race and that cruelty and evil deeds are not exclusive to Asian people. All races had and have their own Kim Song-uns, Mao Zedongs and other evil dictators.
        The N. Korean Kim dynasty of evil, Mao and their fellow demons are in good company with equally infamous ‘rulers’ of every race on earth like, Mussolini, Hitlar, Stalin, Desmond Tutu and more.
        But yes, sadly there are still people who associate all Asians with atrocities of the the Vietnam Nam war, N. Korea, and Communist China.
        My Asians friends hate it, my non-Asian friends and I dismiss it as the ignorance that it is. You made a very good point!!

  23. James

    Wow, thanks for the comments Elle, glad you’re with an Asian guy, but like you said, it doesn’t really matter about race-though that’s an opinion I don’t whole hardheartedly believe in; I noticed that non-asian women who had plenty of time to immerse themselves in other cultures tend to be attracted to those cultures. Normal women who’s stayed at their comfort zones tend to stay within their boundaries and if something different came along, they either ignore it or may have a slight curiosity towards it. It really just depends on the culture immersion people have experienced. Women who talk to me and want to know me, have experienced having asian friends or being interested with the culture at some point. But I’m confident, I guess I just need to work on my approach.

    • Elle

      For now I just want to say that good lookin’-is-gooood lookin’, and women know when they see a good lookin’ dude, no matter what his race. And I want to ‘2nd’ something that a lady recently posted. That is, that there are a lot of (Caucasian) women who are attracted to Asian men but Asian men don’t know it!

      IMHO when a man assumes that a certain ‘type’ of woman isn’t attracted to him because of his race, skin color, or whatever, then he most likely won’t try to get her attention in turn, making him appear disinterested and unapproachable, then creates an ongoing, negative dynamic that limits the possibilities for everyone involved.

      That said, it does take courage to approach someone even to just strike up a conversation, not to mention asking them out, especially of course if we believe they’re prejudiced, afraid or plain disinterested because we’re the ‘wrong’ race, hair color or any other such reason. None of us want to be rejected for any reason. But that’s where I believe that we have to know the fact that we are all worthwhile with or without ANYONE’s approval. Dismiss those who are ignorant and arrogant enough to think for a nano second that we need to “measure up” for ‘their’ approval’. People like the latter have to be crazy-insecure to think like that to begin with.

      Based on what you’ve said you sound like a great guy and no doubt gooood lookin’ :). Any woman who’s so shallow as to cross you off her ‘list’ fur to your ethnicity isn’t worth your time. As I said before I agree that a lot of Asian men are unaware that most white women are just as attracted to them as we are to any other race. Just be the great guy that you seem to be and don’t change yourself to fit into someone else’s idea of what’s “attractive” or not. That said, do yourself a favor and the next time you run into a woman (Caucasian or otherwise) that you’d like to take out, talk to her. If she responds, ask her out. You don’t have to stick to dinner and movies! Walk, skate, see an art exhibit, browse in s book store or just get coffee (or tea 😄) and talk. Whatever you do, please don’t just assume it’s ur ethnicity if a woman doesn’t go out with you. “There are lots of fish in the sea” and remember, single women outnumber single men -everywhere (except China -mainland) so the odds are in your favor. And I want s full report!! 😊

      • James Aquino

        Thanks for the uplifting comments, Leigh. I’m dating a white girl right now and it started off well. She was impressed that I had the cahones to sing in a sports bar on a Saturday night karaoke without being drunk haha. So I’m going to take more time to be with her and treat her better than her last guy, and so far she’s happy which makes me happy. But you’re right, ignorant people who limits themselves in their small bubble are missing out.

  24. Jess

    Hey! I found this article way late but thanks for using my video as an example! Sincerely, jessica (jinsain1)

  25. Elle

    @James Aquino: The Feb 21, 2016 “good lookin’ is gooood lookin'” comment is mine. This is the 2nd time 1 of my comments has the name ‘Leigh’ (??). No big thing but wanted you to know James :). Either way I 2nd what ‘Leigh’ (ha) says.
    So you’re giving us white gals another chance, good!! 😉
    Seriously though, I hope you and this lass hit it off and whatever happens, that you remain friends. Good show chap! 😊

  26. Brianna

    I am a white girl and I have to say, I have a habit of only wanting to date Asian guys. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I tend to find them very attractive, and the guys I tend to meet are absolute sweethearts. I’ve seen my share of fit ones, scrawny ones, tall ones, short ones, I really don’t mind. I just tend to meet cool ones.

    • J

      Yeah, not many girls in my area I see seem to be interested in asian guys unless if he is wealthy and has status and somewhat attractive. Most of the interracial couples I see are white men with asian women, very rarely asian men with white women. For some reason there’s a lot more negative asian stereotypes about asian guys compared to white guys or black guys when it comes to sexual attraction, and I don’t know if it’s because from media influence or women are a lot more picky.

  27. J

    I wish someday there would be a cool asian pop icon again in America like Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee…makes me sad Hollywood filmmakers are not trying at all.

  28. Victoria

    I looked into this website after I learned that it is a lot more common to have AWWM then AMWW. I wondered why that is? I am a young Caucasian female and I’ve recently been hit on by a lot of Asian men. This happened after I relocated, due to college, to an area with more Asians while where I used to live there weren’t really any Asians. I’d always assumed that Asians preferred to date each other due to culture similarities and parents’ views. I realize that while this is still true for many they’re are also many who like to date non-Asians. Also, I realize now that many Asian men have this false belief that attractive Caucasian females will not date them. There are some Caucasian girls who won’t, often the racist ones so really no loss, but there are many Caucasian girls who don’t discriminate. In my opinion many Caucasian girls may simply feel Asians wouldn’t like them because they aren’t Asian. If you happen to like a pretty Caucasian girl I recommend you get to know her and then let her know you like her. Once you get to know her you can determine if she is open minded. Also, I know it’s sexist but a lot of Caucasian girls simply think that the guy has to be the one to initiative.

    • Victoria

      *take the initiative Also, I think there are attractive people from every race.


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