What Attracts Women To Men?

If you're searching for what attracts women to men, you probably are looking for tips on how you can act differently.. ..so that women feel attracted to you. Now, I'm not any kind of guru - I'm just a guy is on a journey of realising my fullest potential as a man. And I'm lucky to have some great women in his life. And so I asked one of them - what attracts women to men? What does she want in a man?

How To Attract More Women.

I mean, it's why you're here. Those beautiful creatures, running around the club, laughing, giggling, and shaking those sexy bodies. So, how do you attract more women? It's a good question. And before you try and answer it, you need to know about the are two different...

Watching Movies Will Help You Attract Women?

I was in a video shop the other day, renting The Thomas Crown Affair. And then I had this little epiphany. Why was I choosing THIS movie? I've seen it a billion times already .. I can quote from it freely, and it's not like the plot is going to reveal any new surprises for me when I watch it this time. And yet here I was, about to..


I keep hearing this a lot: women are apparently attracted to rich men. A chap even emailed me a few weeks ago, saying that he has tried every dating product under the sun and it hasn't worked for him. His conclusion: women are only attracted to rich (and tall, according to him), men. And no amount of dating advice was going to change that universal law...

Attract Women With A Single Pump.

Steven here with a quick update on our April Fool's gag. (In case you haven't heard, we've started a rumour on PUA and seduction forums that a new NASAL SPRAY is about to arrive.. ..which instantly fixes your inner game and makes women...