What Women Find Attractive: Guide For Men.

I wish it were as simple as waving a magic wand and saying ‘All women find x attractive!’ but in reality, it’s not. Why? Well, do you and you mate find the same women attractive? Maybe sometimes, but all the time? No? Then why would all women find the same guy attractive? Duh… So, to help you work out what women find attractive, we first need to nail down what kind of women we’re talking about. Lets start with the easy one: What does she look like? Is she tall or short?
Is she brunette or blonde?
 Does she have blue eyes or brown?
 Is she curvy or slim? Next, what kind of things does she like to do? Does she like to play sports...


Look, there are plenty of "guides" on the Internet which will teach you how to flirt with girls. And in those you'll hear some familiar themes: be playful, make her feel sexy, don't care about the outcome, tease her.. But here's the interesting part: KNOWING THAT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. You can be a world expert on how to flirt with girls.. You can read 100 articles which describe flirting techniques..