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Enough mucking around. Lets get this underway.

As I mentioned in this post, we’re changing things up here at AI.

There are enough articles on the site to keep you reading for months and months so there’s really not that much point in writing more.

If you’re still not where you want to be, it’s not because you don’t have the right information – it’s because you either:

1. Aren’t aware of what your real challenges are
2. Don’t know how the solutions apply to those challenges
3. Can’t manage to make the solutions work for you

So, to help you with all three, the articles are going to slow down and the personal attention is going to increase.

The first step in this is a free group Skype call that’s open to… EVERYONE.

Anyone and everyone who has a question that they’re struggling to answer can jump on the call and get the insight they need from the AI Coaching staff – myself, Jermaine, and / or Andrew.

How do you get your question answered?

The process is simple. All you need to do is write it down in the comments below.

We’ll be taking them from the top(ish) on the call so make sure you get your question in fast if you want it answered because the call will only go for one hour.

We’ll be combining questions that are similar and giving preference to questions about ‘how do I apply this information?’ over ‘Can you tell me more about this?’. If your question is about getting more information then we’ll probably just direct you to an article on the site that already covers what yo want to know.

The call will be on Monday 23rd September, at 8am (Sydney, Australia) making it:

– 3pm on Sunday 22nd September in Los Angeles
– 6pm on Sunday 22nd September in New York
– 7pm on Sunday 22nd September in Buenos Aires
– 11pm on Sunday 22nd September in London

This is the time when we can get most guys on the call so I’m sorry if it doesn’t work for you. But tough luck 🙂

So, get your questions in ASAP and make sure you add attraction-institute to your Skype account so you can join the call.

See you then!





Frequently asked questions:

As more questions get asked, I’ll add them in here.

1. Do I need to have a question to join the call?

No. Just come along, hang out, chat with dudes

2. What do I do once I’ve added you to Skype? How do I get on the call?

Don’t stress. I’ll give you more instructions as we get closer to the date.

3. Do you know where I left the remote?

Check between the couch cushions. It’s usually there. Failing that, blame some ethnic minority for stealing it and start a hate based facebook group to try and get it back.

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39 Responses

  1. Mario

    Hi there, i’m in cordoba Argentina, and i have a question.
    1) i have changed almost every aspect of my life and now i’m in doing pathway. I just do what i love most of the time and try to apply this mindset to everything (loving what i do) so my life became much more rewarding in generall terms. The thing is that AA is still there.. The physical sensations are just awfull and i have to force myself to approach, but it feels like suicide some times. Is there some way to overcome it? Is it just pushing myself until it is not scary anymore?

  2. K

    Thanks for this exceptional chance, guys.
    Looking forward to chatting with you all.
    My question is: “How do you learn to love someone fully, without the FEAR of getting hurt, dumped, cheated on and/or appearing needy?”

  3. Zach

    Leigh I thought you might be interested in this site for doing your Q&A sessions, where people can ask these questions live on the air and everyone can join in without having to do all that logistical Skype stuff:

  4. Jan

    My question doesn’t have to do anything with approaching women. It’s about my job, or non-job if you will.
    Here’s my situation. Graduated from High School this summer. I’ll be serving for the military starting end of October until February 2014. And then… …. ….?! I don’t know. My parents are starting to pressure me into making some decision, because (they don’t really admit it)but they are worried about my “future”. The options so far were either going to University to study sports science or 2. to do an apprenticeship as an air traffic controller (which would give me money straight away). (Maybe I should have sent this question via eMail, getting bit long :S) Anyways, both these decisions would be “okay” I guess, but somehow I have that gut feeling telling me that these aren’t the things I’m looking for. A big criteria for me is also to move out of my parents house. Which would mean that I’d have to make some money to pay the rent.
    Maybe you’ve heard about Elliott Hulse. He created some sort of “facebook” for people to connect that are interested in “non-jobs”. What it basically is, is you go do whatever it is you love doing. (Kinda what you are doing Leigh :D)But for me, I have no clear picture of what that looks like. So hence it’s even scarier for me to go down this road.
    Now I’m not expecting you to give me a straight answer…go do this! or fuck that all, go be a doll-salesman! But maybe you can give me some advice or at least share your ideas on how I could approach this situation? I’ve heard about the program Insight, but so far no luck with trying to get that.

  5. Jed

    I don’t know if this is a question that can be answered on this Skype call…

    I’m started improving myself (with women, and other aspects) almost 7 years ago. I’ve made progress but sometimes I feel like I’m still a beginner. This comes from still feeling that given a certain time frame –let’s say 2 months– I would not be able to say confidently that I would find a new enjoyable sexual relationship, while it seems men who have spent less time on this often have less problem doing so ( I am great at maintaining and deepening my relationships once I have them, but is initiating new ones that escapes me). Nevertheless I don’t see why this would not be possible for me.

    Is this my not seeing some problem? I know I still try to “Get” validation from women, but again, I have worked for years trying on exactly that, trying to let that go.. only partially succeeding. Is it something else? I’m kind of stuck, and disheartened.

    PS. What is your Skype number? I can’t find it on this site.

  6. King4life

    I have seen some guys that are can talk freely without any hang ups I would like to reach this, this is my ultimate goal and it does not have to be talking to women just anybody, do you believe inner work on hidden shame is needed to remove the layers built up (shame)

  7. Evan D.

    Been a while my man… I’ll be coming back from Ohio that day, but should be able to join in on the chat when I get home

  8. Sean

    What is the fastest way to get results point blank period and what other way besides cold approaching is there

  9. BroadswordWSJ

    I’ll openly admit I bought End Game and haven’t read it cover to cover yet. In recent months I’ve really been trying to forget all the PUA rubbish I’ve read about. Instead I’ve started trying to come from a place whereby I’m literally “being myself” – being genuine, humble and honest. I try to give more in each interaction as opposed to take and always make it about the girl and try and listen more as opposed to talk, keep eye contact etc. My results and interactions have been great but heres my question: How do i do this so that I don’t come off like too much of a nice guy, how do I “be myself” and communicate a sexual/confident vibe at the same time?

  10. Jimmy

    Hi Leigh

    I appreciate all the hard work you put into Endgame. It’s really helping me change my life and has answered some of the questions I’ve been asking myself for a long, long time. I’m having trouble transitioning from getting to doing and feel like i’m somewhere between Mr. A and Mr. W. One of my biggest problems or triggers is that I feel like i’m still trying to get acceptance from people and it stops me from not only having fun, but creating GENUINE connects with people. It eats me alive sometimes man. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Leigh


  11. guillermo

    1) Question about pushing yourself. I understand the idea that if you don´t accept yourself and don´t like your life you have to do some extreme shit to live more happily. Is a little easy to challenge yourself those days you want to, but there´s gonna be a lot of days that you are not comfortable with that idea and you might back up, but you “feel” you should do it anyway. The think is that even if I do it anyway in these “bad days”(which are a lot) I don’t feel powerful when finishing the activity (e. g., approaching women during the day/night, having a conversation with some of my coworkers I don´t know very well), even if I try to focus on my actions, propose and focus to not give the responsibility to the external environment. Am I being a perfectionist or should I stop when this happen?

    2) There´s an article called “one perfect day” in your web page. I´ve done it and I wrote and rewrote things that are great but I don´t feel really exited to go in that direction everyday, only the days I´m fine or great. It´s like I´m missing something. I´m aware that the physical content is gonna change every time, but when I reach the part of “how do you relate to your world” is like I´m locked ¿How could I clarify those hidden desires?¿By keep failing more and more?what am I not seeing with clarity?

  12. King4life

    Will this be recorded? I have to work so cannot log in.
    I know there is a bit of a privacy issues but can you do a summary of it at least

  13. Santiago

    Hi there!

    I’ve got a question to ask, I don’t know if it’s addecuate according to the priorities that you mentioned for questions to be discussed in the call Leigh, but I’m going to ask it anyway just in case I’m not the only one or some good lesson can be learned from something similar.

    I’ve got a problem being alone. I enjoy moments with myself, I know what things I found amusing and interesting and I keep myself busy doing them. They’re all sort of things, related to science, art and sometimes sports. For which I consider I don’t have a problem with being alone in itself and discovering what I want to do with my life, I don’t know if it’s pretentious shit, but I don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong. But when I see a pretty woman, I can’t help starting to imagine what would my life be with her, even if it’s some random girl strolling down the street. I start to imagine how impressed she would be if she shared her life with me, and even though I have problems aproaching women, when I start talking to her, and realise at a conscious level that I don’t find her interesting, or my type, or I don’t share any interest with her, I still like her, just because I would like to have a woman by my side. I realise too that it doesn’t depend on any specific girl, it’s just ‘any girl’ what I want. And that plays against me, because I stick and suffer for girls which I really don’t like and by hurrying to impress her I’m also pushing her away, causing me to be lonely again and in pain because of loosing a woman I wasn’t totally interesed in in the first place.

    I think it’s something personal, but I know, as how you said that “all problems have the same reason”. But I’m a bit confused how that problem applies to this, if it is some ‘girlfriend-abandoned-me issue not solved’ or that I care too much about having a girlfriend and not enjoying my life, but I don’t really know how to exactly apply what I’ve read in Endgame to solve this. Just that.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and even if this question isn’t really connected to what’s going to be talked about in the skype call, I’ll join in because I’m sure I’ll get some useful stuff anyway.

  14. Ernest

    I’ve got a question! So you’ve met a girl at a party and you had a great start by talking to her. You hit it off well, you liked her but it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. How do you bring it to the next level of just getting more intimate and making out with her?

  15. Sebastian Alvarez

    My questions is about a social circle. It`s difficult for me to manage a situation when you start getting to know somebody little by little, and to assess whether she reciprocates my feeling (attraction) when we interact. I just always decide to take the plunge anyway and see what happens, but I would like to be able to manage that situation better. I dont know whether it would be right to flirt as soon as possible, or to wait a little bit longer, but not too much to be “friendzoned” . “How to manage a social circle?” or “the way in which we appproach withing a social circle?” would be my question 🙂

  16. DJ

    I can’t join your skype this time, so I am going to just put my question down..

    My problem is, how do I handle this unique tension that naturally exist between men and women? This tension is every interesting, it is there every time I am facing a woman. Regardless if I am actually interested in her or not, I feel this tension (unless of course, if she is like grandma age).

    I have diffculty operating under this kind of tension. I usually avoid it. Moreover, my culture and upbringing is very anti-sexual. At some subconscious level, I always thing sexual desire = shame. Because of this believe, I even fear tension more when it comes. So what should I do to subconsciously change my believe and become more friendly with this tension?

    My second question is, what experience would you recommend if I want to get more comfortable and familiar with women in general? Do you recommend getting a part time job as bartender, DJ? I feel that I am not comfortable with women in general because I haven’t spent much time with them in my life for reasons described in the first question. I want to work with beautiful women, roommate with beautiful women, etc to gain the experience to interact with them. Approaching them on the street is not always possible because of the barrier of the first question. So I am thinking of some life experience that may help..


  17. Damian Szura

    I am doing get real course, I am about to finish. I talked to Jermaine about connection.
    The question is
    How can I find or build a deep connection with a women?
    I would to get different guys point of view!


  18. john

    i wrote a question for the ask me anything episodes which was about seeing the world in black and white superficial categories which is at the heart of what i’ve been going through.

    so my main question is, could you help me figure out whether i’m after particular types of friends, or friends in general? or is it that i feel that i don’t have a life? because it’s as though my life’s not good enough in their absence, but how can i make these friends if i’m not good enough..?

    but one other question is about how do i accommodate the Taoist principles with being productive? i’ll elaborate further on this one during the session…

  19. Alexander

    Could you possibly put up a meditation article or how to. I have personally not done much meditation, know it can help me, but dont know how to go about it. Also how could i incorporate the things in endgame better into my daily life. for example how would you condense the information to a couple of key points to remember throughout the day. So i don’t get lost in the theory. So i know where to keep my focus. Or is it more of understanding it as a concept all together?

  20. Mario

    Hey Leigh,

    I have questions about relationships.

    1.) Relationships and freedom.

    I’m aiming for any intimate r/ship I have to to be as giving and loving as possible but also free. I encourage them to do what they want. express themselves as much as possible and to communicate openly.

    My question is how do you allow your girlfriend and girls you’re dating to experience more freedom in a r/ship without making her feel not needed or not wanted.

    What are way in which you’ve allowed your Fiancee to experience more freedom in the relationship as opposed when she was single/dating?

    What are ways you to keep the tension high, experience more excitement and passion in a r/ship. I try to bring in as much excitement and passion as possible, but sometimes when you’re focused on working,studying getting through your tasks etc It can be difficult to experience that excitement. I’m talking about other ways other than not seeing each for a while.

    What are ways in which you establish boundaries?

    • Mario

      One more question. How do you maintain challenge when you’re in an exclusive relationships. Girls I’ve dated experience more excitement from the uncertainty of not knowing.

      I feel it’s straightforward with women you’ve recently met or have a gone out on a few occasions dates with, bc they seem to work to get your attention but maintaining that excitement, tension and passion in a r/ship is much more difficult.
      If I were to rephrase this to be more specific:
      You know your girlfriend wants to experience excitement, challenge and passion. How do you allow your girlfriend to experience this under the context of a long term relationship?
      Can you give examples of how you do this with your Fiance past long term relationships?

  21. Sebastian Alvarez

    Logun, I`ve added you but I have not been accepted yet but your user, is that ok? Or am I doing something wrong?

  22. Michael


    How do we follow the doing’ pathway without being outcome dependant? Cause if we have a goal we are focused on attaining it. Yet I thought following the doing pathway was just about doing the ‘action’ without caring for the outcome.


  23. Rain

    Hey Leigh,

    is this going to take place 2015 again? I’d like to join next time!


    • Leigh

      Hey mate, I’ve got big plans for 2015 but they’re all for the later half of the year. I’ll keep you guys posted with how they’re going as we get closer to the date.


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