Dissolving Approach Anxiety.

We try to conquer her, in most instances, so we can give her pleasure, but also for the sake of our ego.

What if you removed that ego of ours?

What if YOU become LOST in her pleasure, and placed no thought on your own?

You’ve seen how a woman can orgasm, how full of life her writhing body is, how vocal she can be – she is literally taken over by her pleasure: her body is a puppet to it as her mind explodes in ecstasy and touches god.

… and you just want her to brag about you to her friends.

What if you felt into her pleasure as she experienced it?

What if you felt into her heart, as you approached?

What if you placed your awareness SO INTENTLY on her, when you were approaching, rather than what you think she’s thinking?

What if you just listened to her with your awareness?

Do you think you would feel your approach anxiety then?

Do you think you would view this ‘game’ as something you needed to win?

Or would you be lost in the process through your presence, and giving this woman the gift of pleasure?

Thank you LoGun, and thank you David Deida.


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