I keep hearing this a lot: women are apparently attracted to rich men.

A chap even emailed me a few weeks ago, saying that he has tried every dating product under the sun and it hasn’t worked for him.

His conclusion: women are only attracted to rich (and tall, according to him), men.

And no amount of dating advice was going to change that universal law.

I’d actually like to believe that theory – because I’m taller than most guys.

So according to that theory, I’m already half-way there. Sweet!

(And if I can just get rich, I’ll be 100% sorted, right?).

Thing is, I’ve met my share of tall, rich men who are very good at REPELLING women. As I’ve met plenty of short, poor guys who attract more women than they can handle .. without even trying.

To make things more complex, I’ve also met short, bald rich men who also attract women with ease.

Last, but not least, I’ve known tall, poor men who do pretty well with girls. So, what’s going on? Am I biased in some way?

Or is there something deeper going on?

Let me offer this perspective:

Maybe it’s the attitude that certain rich guys have which actually MADE THEM rich. And it’s that same attitude which attracts women to them.

It’s the attitude they have to life which is “CAUSING” richness and women, so to speak.

And most people who make the judgment of “heh, look at that hot girl on the arm of the rich guy” make a false attribution because they look at what’s only on the surface.

Having met a few guys like these, I noticed one common element: they live their life for themselves. And I don’t mean that in a hedonistically selfish sense like:

“I don’t give a shit about anyone else or their well being”…

But rather, in a “empowering selfishness” sense of “what I do every moment of my day I do because I enjoy it, not because it gets me approval and validation from others”.

A lot has been written about The Secret and all that jazz, and on that level it makes sense: if you life your life GIVING validation, you attract the same and create a world of abundance and joy.

If you live your life NEEDING validation, you create a world that is a black hole that you’re trying to suck people into, and they struggle to cut loose.


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