Eliminate The Friend Zone (My Challenge To You)

I’m sure it’s happened to you before:

You’ve looked longingly into her eyes, expressed your deepest affections and feelings, and then heard the dreaded words…

“I’m sorry, but I just don’t like you in that way.”

But did YOU really get put in the friend zone?

I doubt it. Here’s why:

In order for YOU to get put in the friend zone, you would have to show her the real YOU, right from the start.

There would have to be none of these pretend little games about:

“Oh, I’m not like every other guy just trying to get into your pants. I’m really your friend and care about the emotional rollercoaster you’re going through…”

You would have to express what YOU really think about those cute little shorts she wears and how amazing YOU think her arse looks when she walks.

You would have to express what YOU really think about that radiant smile.

You would have to express how turned on YOU get when she touches your arm.

In essence, for YOU to be put in the friend zone, YOU would have to be YOU first.

You wouldn’t be able to hide YOUR feelings, repress YOUR desires, disguise YOUR true intentions, and then have her say “I just don’t think of you like that.”

Because if you hold back, don’t share what you really think, or express how you really feel, then it’s not YOU she’s putting in the friend zone.

It’s this pale imitation of yourself that’s ending up there.

Getting the real YOU put in the friend zone, in my humble experience, is impossible.

When you’re real with her, she may not want to hang out with YOU, she may not want to be friends with YOU, but at no point in time is she going to put YOU in the friend zone.

Why? Because at no point in time is she going to be under any illusions that you just want to be friends.

Women don’t put you in the friend zone.

You put you in the friend zone.

When you treat her like a friend, guess what happens? She thinks of you like a friend.

But, if you don’t treat her like a friend, if you have the balls to put yourself out there and express what you really think, I personally guarantee you that YOU will never end up in the friend zone.

To prove this to you, I’m setting you a challenge:

Your challenge is to meet a new woman you’re attracted to and show her YOU.

Be real about what you find attractive about her.

Express what you think of those hypnotic eyes and full lips.

Share your deep desires for this woman…

…and then see if you can get put in the friend zone.

Sure, she might not want to spend any more time with you, she might decide that this is the last you’ll ever see of each other, but I challenge you to get put in the friend zone.

I don’t believe it’s possible and I’m challenging you to prove me wrong.

And just to give you a little incentive to take this challenge on:

Anyone who has the balls to take this challenge on and can successfully get put in the friend zone will be the first guy to get…

…a copy of Endgame with all brand new audio, video, and PDF bonuses I’m putting together valued at over $400.

It’s still a few weeks away from release, but it’ll be all yours.

Why? Because I’m a rad dude and respect other rad dudes who have the courage to take on challenges.

All you need to do is email me, this time next week, explaining how you met her, what you did, and how it all played out, and you’ll be the first to get Endgame with all the bonuses attached.

If you have the balls to stand up and make a difference to your life and want some backup and support on this challenge…

…post it up in our Mission Control board on the Attraction Institute Inner Game Forum.

It’s specifically dedicated to supporting guys through their challenges and keeping each other accountable when they slack off.

Check it out here:

Mission Control

I look forward to seeing your report.




P.S. Click on the photo at the top of the page to get a closer look at the text. It’s priceless.

P.P.S. Be a Man and take the challenge on. You’re never going to get anywhere without taking action.

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7 Responses

  1. Vodka

    Hey, Leigh.

    Sounds great.

    Although I have not had to get to the point that has a beautiful ass, because that does not impress me much. But still real, genuine and honest about what you think, all the fun and all the flirting makes it all happen and is automatic. I like it.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Wicked to hear mate. Get stuck into the challenge. Let me know how you go.

      I hope more guys take it on as well. It’d be great to have 15 pr 20 guys going through it.

      • Vodka

        I was thinking and the fact is we do not know the mechanism by which someone is a nice guy and because the things he does not work. Considering that one is put in the friend zone is a good prospect, we assume that we create these conditions and have the power to change it.

        But not necessarily. This time I’ve been showing me many things. I have intentionally put me in the friend zone by telling to women and treat them as friends, and they just feel more attracted. And this happens with a common boy, with women who are not interested (and are friends) the things only work and with women who aren’t interested the things do not work. I’ve seen (and myself happened to me) guys who have been attracted to women without a compliment, without telling her how hot she puts him. As I have also seen nice guys tell her “today you are very pretty” and she just throw the friend zone, personally I have the impression that when they say something is as if they couldn’t keep it, as if pretending that attitude.

        I know I am not and most definitely not the type of the picture, even when I was PUA was the guy of picture. Now flirting with women having fun … but I’m not sure how the change happened. I know it has to do with the rich connections of my brain that happened in a short time … I know my brain is working differently of many guys, but all I know. In the background there must be something deeper which promotes something happens with the nice guys. Because in this last time, as I said, I’ve been showing me things: I have done the actions that would make a nice guy and it have worked, I can put myself in the same position as the guy in the photo, with flowers and chocolates in my hand and despite I would be different … that is how the expression of the face. I have given women the gift of a teddy but the way I give them is remarkably different to of a nice guy, it’s like bam! A fun gift! I have also given an expensive gift but it seemed like effortless. It’s like everything I do, but also do a nice guy, has the stamp of myself.. That basically makes these guys have it so hard? It will be the underlying motivation? You can not just be that …

        I also think that goes beyond the mere expression of words, is more powerful express with the body, how the embrace, as the lame hand, and caressing.

        It’s something to think about.

        If I can write 100% in Spanish, “my report”, I accept the challenge. My English is not good and it takes me some time to translate. And time is quite valuable for me, but I love these things.

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        Glad to head things are going well for you. The thing to keep in mind is that there’s a BIG difference between saying ‘Let’s just be friends’ and treating her like a friend.

        Like I hammer home in Endgame, it’s not what you do that’s the problem, it’s why you’re doing it.

        It’s the ‘why’ that lands you in the friend zone.

        It’s the ‘why’ which means you hear ‘I have a boyfriend…’

        The ‘why’ is at the core.

        I would love to hear your report. Please feel free to write it up in Spanish. I’ve got translators working for me who can translate it for me.

    • Mike

      Well I’m probably the first to be in the friend zone I think it may be because we both newly out of a relationship, I did do the manly things and even spent a few days at Xmas sleeping with her and she wanted me around her 24/7 but then suddenly she’s freaked out and just wanting me as a friend to which I told her I wanted her long term that came with a reply that it’s too soon and she can’t feel this way again so soon. But she remains friends and still texts me but blows me out from doing stuff now as we can’t keep off each other when we are together. So this is the friend zone and guess I just cut contact and move on?

  2. Marcos Mariano

    I’m a master of friedzones, I have one in every street of my city. I’m new here, and it can be a good way to start changing the things. Let’s see how it goes =D

  3. Reserpino

    Dear guys, I agree. I was a fan of the SC, but you have opened my eyes. I think that, as other community concepts, however, the friend zone topic is dangerous: being anxious about it is a nightmare. Your idea of the FZ
    is not so different from the one the SC has, while, in my experience, women can also be attracted to you when you treat them as friends: there’s a girl I treat like a friend because I don’t like her… She is still in love with me after 10 platonic meetings!


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