Evolution Of A Pickup Artist.

This blog post is a further exploration of the point LoGun raised in his recent post about faking it till you make it around women.

I decided to write it because I discovered some very first-hand evidence in the world to support the idea that GIVING is a lot more productive than TAKING.

You see, through my job here at Attraction Institute I meet a lot of interesting people.

And many of them are from the business world, who are self-made entrepreneurs. I met one of those guys recently.

We started chatting, and he pointed out something so simple and so powerful, that it stopped me dead in my tracks.

He noted that when most people decide to start their own business, they have a mindset of:

“If only I could get 1 million people to give me a dollar, I would be rich.”

So, their business activities become centered around a mission to get 1 dollar of profit from many, many people. Consequently, their days are consumed by thoughts like:

– Which clever design tricks can I use to capture people’s email addresses?

– What methods can I use, e.g., takeaway selling, stacking the cool, forced continuity – to maximise profit?

– How can show that my business has better service that that of my competitors?

In other words, the focus is on GETTING and improving the skillset which makes the process of GETTING more efficient.

The curios thing is, over time that mindset shifts.

These green novice entrepreneurs realise that there is more to being successful in business than a desire to get rich.

Well, another way of putting it – to make money, you need to do more than just want to make money.

Anyway, these green entrepreneurs look around, and notice that the guys who have “made it” think a little differently to them.

And their thinking is more along the lines of:

“How can I give my potential customers $100 of value for free? And then, if they wish, give them another $200 of value, and this time ask that they send me $50 for it.”

See the difference?

This is the mindset of GIVING.

And in this mindset, everyone wins. The prospective customers win, whether they buy anything from the entrepreneur or not.

– If they decide not to buy anything they’re getting a pretty damn good deal.

– If they decide to buy something they improve exponentially on their already good deal.

– The entrepreneur is totally cool with them if they don’t buy because he knows that he is generating goodwill and they will probably tell their friends about the free deal they got.

– Which means the entrepreneur gets more leads for free.

– And when they buy, the entrepreneur gets paid.

And because customers help spread the word, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about getting customers – in fact, he often finds himself beating them off with a stick because he has no time to serve them all or make enough products to sell them all.

This means that the entrepreneur can focus on doing what he does best – making better products and delivering more and more value.

This got me thinking that our seduction community is very much the same.

When we start off on the journey of ‘becoming better with women’, it’s all about tricks and methods to attract women.

We get into it with a mindset of – how can I get 4 phone numbers in a night?

How can I get that super-hot girl to date me?

How can I take a girl home the same night I meet her?

The interesting thing is, over time, that changes.

It evolves to something more essential.

It evolves to – how can I give this woman the best possible experience I can? How can I make her feel like a woman? How can I give her the gift of my masculinity?

This is where guys get into inner game, and concepts of masculinity and purpose. They realise that there is more to giving than just throwing a ‘sincere compliment’ at a woman as an opener – in hopes of making her like you.

They realise that they can’t give what they don’t have. And that if their sense of fulfillment rests with their ability to get laid this weekend, then they have very little to give.

Needless to say, it is at that stage that guys notice their results multiplying exponentially. Just like the giving entrepreneur, they don’t worry about when the next woman is going to come.

In their life, there are always women .. and their life becomes not about ‘getting women’, but about selecting those women they want to be with from the vast pool that they have to choose from.

A true place of sexual abundance.

By the way, I recommend you click here and read LoGun’s rant about sexual abundance.


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