Fear Of Commitment?

This is such a huge topic, and very relevant to many of the men within the seduction community, myself included.


Yep, that word.

I’ve seen that word turn the sturdiest of men green.

They loose their colour, start getting clammy and sweaty, and lose their ability to function.

And all because of one word. And it’s something just about most men really fear.

Usually it’s not because of the word though, but what the man on the receiving end of such a “blow” interprets that word to mean:

“I’m trapped”.

No room to move. No freedom. Just locked in, a pre-determined destiny.

What they don’t get is that nobody makes them commit to anything: they do.

And as such, in really choosing to commit to something, they’re actually the master and creator of their own destiny.

That’s right: you are (yeah, I‘m talking about you now: deal with it).

Not her, not your family, not your job: none of it. You *CHOSE* to commit – everybody else just made a suggestion; you take it on board, and you chose.

Commitment has never been about locking you down. It’s always been about you choosing the future into which you will live.

And it’s just like that saying goes:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

And this very tool is available to you right now.

You have all the power in the world to create your destiny, and it all starts right now with you… committing.

So rather than viewing commitment as something that “just happens” to you, creating your destiny *FOR* you…

…instead check it out from the perspective of: you are setting the course of your life right now, with one choice: to commit to your future looking a specific way.

So, what are you committed to?



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