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9/5/13 EDIT: It’s all fixed up. If you’re having issues logging in, make sure you clear your cookies because the forum uses cookies to allow access.


A couple of guys have written to me saying they’re having issues logging into the forum.

I’m aware of this now and we’re looking into it.

Sorry about the delay. I’ll let you know as soon as everything is back up and running.




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11 Responses

  1. Graeme

    Hi Leigh
    I bought Endgame probably over 2 years ago and joined the form but only ever made about 2 posts, I can no longer see the forum nor does the website recognise my email address

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Hey mate,

      I went through a big clean up a few months ago and deleted an whole lot of inactive accounts. Yours might have been one of them. You can just reregister and you’ll be fine. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  2. pablin

    hey bro, I want to ask you something…
    Like you say in the new SCS, to create attraction you must give to her what she need. But I´m confuse about the difference between “natural excitement” and “natural connection”, because what I do to make her feel excited I express what I want to do with her (like expressing my sexual intention). And to make her feel connected I express what I feel about her but is basicly the same words that I use to create excitement… So, I´m very fucking confuse hahahhah 🙂
    And I dont want to use any kind of “technique” like disqualification to build sexual tension because I dont feel that the interaction is effortless and natural in that way…

    Please help me mate!!! Which is basicly the difference between building excitement and connection with words?

  3. luisito

    Hey mate, I have a question:
    People like Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger says “follow you dreams relentlessly and never give up” and people like Eckhart Tolle says “there is nothing bad in following a dream, if that dream not represent who you are. You must follow a dream for fun (if that dream is externally validated )” or something like that. I think that in theory Tolle is right, but when I follow his advice I dont feel motivated. I feel motivated with people like Will Smith who live dreaming with being something and fighting for that. I also think that the correct quote is a combination of this two, but I still dont feel motivated if my dream not represent something big for my life…something to fight for.
    For example Arnold used to dream with being a world champion, and he make that following the same kind of thinking of Will Smith and not Eckhart Tolle, because Arnold used to have an “externally validated” dream, but he still is great…So, what path I must follow??? the Arnold´s path or the Eckhart´s path???

  4. pablin

    Hey man, please answer me or at least tell me in a few words if you dont want to because you think that my question is stupid haha but tell me something mate. I´m waiting… or maybe my question is not clear… I´M ASKING IF IN ORDER TO BUILD CONNECTION OR EXCITEMENT, YOU BASICLY SAY IN BOTH CASES WHAT YOU WANT AND WHAT YOU FEEL BUT CHANGING THE DELIBERY… that´s all I want to know


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