Fuck Inner Game.

Yeah, that’s right. Fuck it. It’s all bullshit anyway.

You don’t NEED it, heaps of people are fucking hot chicks, right now, without ever hearing of inner game so why should you bother?

They are getting success by learning some seduction ‘theory’, some cool openers and then going out into the to practice – so why can’t you just do the same?

Sure you can.

Don’t worry about this inner game nonsense at all. Here’s what I recon you should do instead:

Keep learning openers, learning more and more seduction theory and keep hanging online. And go out, of course, to put it all into practice.

You’ll keep coming up against roadblocks. But, somewhere online there is a solution to every one of them. It’s just a matter of learning enough of these solutions to deal with every single one of them. Best ‘PUAs’ claim to have over 100 routines in their arsenal.

And they know a mountain of cool tricks and methods attract a woman, spark attraction and get her into bed.

So, keep learning and keep hoping that, one day, with just enough practice, you’ll internalise it all, and seduction will become ‘second nature’.

You’re bound to get success, it’s just around the corner…


To help you get there quicker, buy a couple of DVD programs along the way. It is in those programs that ‘Gurus’ will show you the same material they use themselves to attract women.

You’ll have enough material in your head to deal with every conceivable situation and every possible scenario. Just a long as you can remember to keep that facade (err, frame) up.

It’ll only take a couple of years.

And then once that’s done, you can finally have this area of your life sorted. You will have a solid frame which will allow you to attract women.

And you won’t have to worry about being your ‘old’ self – the self who never got the girls – ever again.

And you’ll score a hot girl.

You’ll be proficient enough at pretending to be someone else that you’ll remember to do it – around her and others – most of the time. And those times you don’t, it won’t matter that much.

After all, you’ll be skilled enough at attracting new women who like you for the person you pretend to be, anyway.

You’ve probably heard success stories of guys who travel along that path. Many of them become ‘Gurus’.

They tell, with or without boasting, that they have many girlfriends, and they are with a new woman every week.

That is usually upheld as the goal to get to. The place of sexual abundance.

Have you ever considered that the reason these guys have a constant flow of women through their life is that they are UNABLE to hold on to a woman for longer than a few days?

After all doing that requires showing one’s true colours. And last time they showed their true colours to a woman was the time they got rejected, blown out, and got told that they should be ‘just friends’.

But anyway, who cares about holding on to a woman? What if you just want to get some (or a lot of) non-committal action, eh?

Sure, go ahead and do that. But let’s talk about speed of progress for a moment.

If you’re like me, you probably realise that attracting women is not something that happens overnight. And yet, I’d prefer to start getting excellent results now, rather than having to wait another 6 months until I become good enough.

So, what’s faster – to memorise every single way of dealing with every conceivable situation that may come up around a woman?

Or to take care of your inner game so that you instinctively know what to do around a woman in every single situation?


It’s obviously much, much faster to spend months and months (sometimes even years) sitting behind a computer screen on forums and reading blogs, practising the newest and greatest routines over, and over again.

Rather than simply spending a few days finding the core of your issues and smashing it out of the way so women want to be around you for who you are, not just what you say.

I’m mean, you could probably change one of your default behaviours every week.

If you really put your nose to the grind stone, maybe even two! Once you’d developed a technique to deal with EVERY conceivable scenario, you’ll bet set. How many different scenarios could there be, anyway?



Ok, forgive my sarcasm. Just trying to hammer a point home.

So yea, fuck inner game. Unless you want to have results sooner, and results that actually mean connecting with women with honesty, courage and love.



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