Get Nervous Around Women?

Nerves around women, the bane of most men.

You see that girl, and your heart immediately jumps an extra 30 beats per second.

Your mind starts racing.

Then it goes blank, and you may even get a little bit sweaty.

You want to go approach, but you “can’t”. Why do you think that is?

Many of the men I have had the pleasure of meeting suffer the same ailments as you.

And many of them are literally paralysed by their nerves.

What is it that actually stops them, though?

We, as men, experience those nerves – and then start trying to find a way to STOP IT.

So, instead of going up to that gorgeous woman whilst still feeling anxious about it, we feel the temptation to make our nerves WRONG…

And then we focus on how to get rid of that feeling, rather than going and talking to that gorgeous woman IN SPITE of nerves.

We think that we shouldn’t be feeling nerves at all.

Especially if they we ever want to be great in the arena of seduction.

You most DEFINITELY should be feeling anxiety – it‘s how you know your alive half the time.

But what you may find is that in trying to get rid of your nerves, you’re simply focusing on the feeling in your body, and “clamping down” on it…

… Rather than letting it course fully throughout your entire body.

If you can “release” those nerves from your chest, or stomach, or throat, or wherever it is that you experience that feeling…

And then let it travel down your arms and legs, and feel it through your entire body…

…Those “nerves” all of a sudden feels more like “excitement”.

But why else has this been such an issue for many men?

For many men, the issue has been that they’re pretending with the woman in front of them that they are not experiencing nerves at all.

They have to “look cool”, and “be in state” in order to have a “solid interaction”.

Forget all of that bullshit for a moment.

Ever told a lie and had to maintain that lie for so long, only to have the lie come out in the open anyway?

It may have been a shit fight, but I bet as soon as it was out in the open, and you accepted it, you experienced one of the greatest waves of relief in your life.

You now experience the complete removal of that tension in the place of the lie. It’s calming, a weight off the shoulders, and you don’t have to try, put in effort, or pretend any more.

You can just BE.

What if you accepted your nerves; that they were there, and they didn’t mean ANYTHING.

Hell, what if you were even HONEST with the woman in front of you about your anxiety:

“Hi, it was nearly impossible for me to work up the courage to walk over here and compliment you on how incredibly gorgeous you are… and you know what? It was totally worth it. I’m Jonno, who are you apart from stunningly-fuck-off-gorgeous?”

Now for the rest of the interaction, you don’t have to worry about hiding your anxiety: it’s been dealt with, it’s out in the open, and you were real about it.

Now there’s space between the two of you for the really fun stuff: flirting, banter, good old-fashioned conversation even.

And it’s REAL.

So the next time you start to see that your nerves are going to pull the rug out from under you in your quest for success with the opposite sex, ask yourself this simple question:

“Am I being honest, or not?”


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