How To Flirt With Women.

There are a couple of techniques you can use (which work MUCH better when you have a foundation of inner game under your belt) to flirt with women.

If you’ve ever been talking to a woman and felt the conversation fizzling out, this is for you.


First technique: positive disqualification.

This is really fun. Here, you playfully blame her for ruining your relationships because of something very positive about her. Something like this:

Her: **some funny joke**

You: “You see, this is why could never work out. You’re far too funny. We’d spend all our time together laughing, playing, having fun and we’d end up leaving the house…

“Because we’d never talk to anyone else, we’d totally let go: never exercise, always eating home delivery, I’d end up at 300kg with diabetes, high cholesterol and heart failure and all because you make me laugh so much! I’m definitely going to have to find someone much more boring than you!

“Do you have an identical twin sister in a coma? That’d work out perfect thanks…”

I’ve obviously gone overboard here to really illustrate the point. Hopefully you get the idea.


Second Technique: Disqualification.

Disqualification is the process of writing her off as a terrible girlfriend / wife / lover / whatever.

A classic example that usually makes it into my nights out is:

Her: **doing anything embarrassing, awkward, clumzy, having a blonde moment, getting distracted by something**

You: [in exasperation] “This is the worst date I’ve ever been on…”


You: “And this is why we’re not together any more.”

As you can see flirting with a woman is all about building sexual tension.

So, what is sexual tension?


The formula is:

Sexual Desire + Barrier = Sexual Tension.

When two people want to escalate sexually but can’t because you there is something preventing them, you get sexual tension.

So, in order to create sexual tension, you just have to make sure you have desire + barrier. Simple.

And the above two quick techniques are easy to master and apply next time you go out to build mountains of it and flirt with women until they’re practically begging you to take things further.



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