How To Get A Womans Phone Number

No bullshit tricks here, just two things you need to know.

A woman will give you her phone number when:

1. She has an extraordinary (in the literal sense of the word: more than the ordinary) experience with you
2. She believes that you can deliver that experience again
3. Giving you her number doesn’t clash with her morals

Lines, tricks, methods, tactics, even inner game transformation, are all ways to give women positive experiences. They’re means to an end, not the end in itself.

Experience is the end.

If she’s not giving you her number, it’s because of one of four problems:

1. The experience she had with you wasn’t what she was looking for (ie. She experience pressure, fear, intimidation, etc…)
2. The experience she had with you wasn’t far enough outside her normal day-to-day experience (ie. You were nice but unremarkable)
3. She doesn’t believe you can deliver it again (ie. She doesn’t trust you)
4. She has a moral objection to giving you her number (ie. She has a boyfriend)

You can’t do anything about her morals. Everything else is in your control.

Think back to the last woman who turned you down. Which one was missing?

And what are you going to do to make sure it’s not missing next time?






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8 Responses

  1. david

    what about taking her phone when shes not looking then calling your phone on it.

  2. Someone

    A women will give you her phone number when she likes and trusts you if you ask her for it.

  3. Anthony H.

    What IS the best way to give a woman an extraordinary overwhelming experience with you the first time around? I’m sure I’ve done it before, I just forgot, lol.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      This is much longer question than can be answered here. You’ve read Endgame, haven’t you? You’ll find the start in there. After that, things start to become VERY fun, but you have to nail the basics first.

      • Zach

        so would the start be courage, and after that it gets progressively more fun?

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