How To Get Women Into Bed: Simply And Easy.

It’s a question which we, men, wrestle with from the time we hit our teenage years:

“How to get women into bed?”

Well, there are two basic different paths you can follow.

And the one you choose is going to determine, firstly, how easy your journey is. And secondly, how much you enjoy yourself on the way.

The two paths to answering the “how to get women into bed?” question are:

Path 1: Trying to convince women to get into bed with you.
Path 2: Being the kind of man that women want to get into bed with.

If you’re not familiar with the work we do here at the Attraction Institute, then these might seem like the same thing. But if you look closer, there’s a very important difference between the two.

Trying to convince women to get into bed with you is all about trying to work out what the women you’re talking to are looking for. And then trying to pretend you are that kind of man.

But being the kind of man who women want to sleep with involves living your life for yourself, doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

When you are happy and fulfilled without having to convince women to sleep with you then life becomes easy. You stop asking yourself “how to get women into bed?” and your start thinking “what kind of woman do I want to invite into my life?”

Here’s where you might say..

“But there’s some things you HAVE TO DO to get women into bed!”

Really? Before you start to list all the different things you HAVE to do, ask yourself this:

When do you have more success with women? When you’re trying to work how to get women into bed? Or when you’re having so much fun that you don’t care whether or not they sleep with you?

If you spend your time trying to work out how to get women into bed then you’re going to have to study, study, study. Once you’ve finished studying, then you’re going to have to practice, practice, practice.

Whilst you’re practicing, you’re going to have to hide who you are, what you feel, what you think, and what you desire in order to trick women into sleeping with you.

And, then if you’re are actually successful, then you have to continue hiding the real you behind these layers so that they’ll hang around with you.

If you spend your time trying to become the kind of man that women naturally want to get into bed with, then it’s a completely different story. This is the path of expression, power, and freedom.

If you follow this path, you need to work out what kind of future you want to create and then start taking steps towards creating it. You get to push through your perceptual barriers and boundaries and forge ahead with the life you want.

You get to express who you are and what you stand for on your deepest level and create the future of your dreams. And you get to meet amazing women on the way.

Which one sounds like the kind of path you want to follow to get women into bed?

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