How To Improve Self Esteem: The #1 Rule.

There is so much advice on how to improve self esteem.

I’m sure you’ve read at least some of it. It’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

I was also trying to figure out how to improve self esteem, reading through tips like:

“Pinpoint your negative thinking”
“Become aware of beliefs and thoughts”
“Identify troubling conditions and situations”

Just reading it was enough to make my brain implode. It all seemed too much. And yet, I was eager to find out how to improve self esteem, so that I could socialise effortlessly.

Then I found a way a very simple answer. This is what’s at the source of lack of your self esteem:

You’re looking at yourself through eyes of other people.

You’re relying on opinions of other people to inform how you’re doing in life. Another way of saying it is:

Your purpose when you talk to people is to make them like you. To be accepted by them.

And mind you, there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s a fragile place to be, because everyone is different. And as long as you’re trying to fit in with opinions of others, you’re never truly being yourself.

So how to improve self esteem? Good question. Change your purpose. This website is dedicated to just that, so to kickstart the process of improving your self esteem, check out the free resources below.


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