Improving Self Confidence: Pitfalls To Avoid.

There is a lot of advice on the Internet on improving self confidence. But does all of it work?

Here are some pitfalls you can avoid:

Pitfall 3: Knowledge Is King.

If you think you’re going to read a blog post and socialise confidently the next day, you’ve been misled.

Knowledge does not give you access to improving self-confidence. You can become a world expert on improving self confidence and still have low self confidence.


Pitfall 2: “Just Be Confident!”

There are many flavours of that:

“Be Positive!”
“Be Thankful!”

That is classic symptom-fixing, and the Internet is full of it.

I just read an article about improving self confidence which gave this advice: “Look in the mirror and smile .. acting confident might actually make you believe it”


Pitfall 1: Not Looking At Your PURPOSE

The most effective tool for improving self confidence is a shift in your purpose.

And when I say “purpose”, I’m not asking you “what is your purpose in life?”

Rather, I’m talking about this: what is your purpose when you talk to people?

Generally, you’ll have a variation of one of these 2:

1. to make them like you / avoid being rejected
2. to find out what makes them tick / if you want to hang out with them

Which one is yours?

If you’re here, searching for “improving self confidence”, I’ll guess that your purpose is closer to option 1.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But the secret to improving your self confidence is in shifting how you operate, so that when you talk with people, your purpose is more closely aligned with option 2.

And to get a kickstart in shifting your purpose and improving your self confidence, check out the free resources below.


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