Increase Self-Esteem In 3 Easy Steps.

Here’s how you can increase self-esteem:

Step 1: Stop Treating the Symptoms. Some “experts” will tell you that to increase self-esteem you have to: – look people in the eye – stop thinking negative thoughts – try new hobbies – exercise – not brag – have fun! Trying to increase self-esteem like that is a bit like trying to treat a broken leg with an aspirin. It may make the pain go away, but the cause of the problem is still there.

Step 2: Find Out Your Purpose. See, every interaction you have with another human being has a PURPOSE. And PURPOSE is at the source of your self-esteem issues. To get a glimpse into what your PURPOSE may be, ask yourself this: When talking to other people, where are you focused? On what kind of person they are? Or what they’re thinking of you? By the way, there is no right or wrong purpose. But your purpose will determine the results you get. And if you want to increase self-esteem (and if you want it to be a lasting change) you need to..

Step 3: Change Your Purpose. To increase self-esteem, your purpose needs to change. It’s that simple. If you just try to modify your behaviour, you’ll be wasting your time because the PURPOSE that is driving those behaviours will remain the same. At best, you’ll increase your self-esteem temporarily. And your self-esteem will return back to “normal” as soon as you stop trying to force yourself to do those new activities. To kickstart the process of increasing your self-esteem, check out the free resources below. Steven

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