Is There ANYONE Out There?

You know a bunch of people. Some of them you like, others you don’t really like.

Some are nice. Some are angry. Some are annoying. Some are good. Some are bad. And so on…

If you don’t like some people, you tend to move away from them.

And if you like them, you tend to keep them around.

And that’s how we generally operate.

For example:

“My Boss is a jerk!”

“That woman is being a bitch!”

Sure, some people may be being jerks and some may be being bitches, at points in their lives.

But does relating to them in such a way leave us with any power?

How about a shift in context?

Try this perspective on:

Consider that every person in your life is here to teach you a lesson. And every time you react to someone – for example you experience discomfort around someone, fear, anxiety, anger or upset – you see it for what it is:

YOUR reaction to that person.

I invite you to own it. Not judge it, not label it, not make it wrong. Just see it for what it is.

And you become grateful to that person for eliciting that response in you. Because in that moment, they’re teaching you a lesson.

Sure, your boss may be acting like a jerk. But focusing on that part is not going to teach you anything. Instead, I invite you to focus on this: how do you usually deal with him?

Do you withdraw and try to feel powerful again by whingeing about him to your colleagues? Do you say “Hey, don’t have a heart attack?” Do you just bottle it up and then one day quit?

When you become present to that reaction, I invite you to look elsewhere in your life. You may notice that THAT way of dealing with difficult situations is present in many other areas of your life.

Areas where other people are teaching you other lessons, and you’re not paying attention, because you’re busy labeling them as “jerks” or “bitches” or “annoying”.

So here’s my point:

There’s NO-ONE out there.

No jerks, no bitches. It’s just you, the voices in your head and your reactions to people.

And every person is holding up a mirror to you, and giving you an opportunity to evolve past being a reaction and start being a cause in the matter of your life.



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