Natural Game made EFFORTLESS

The essence of natural game is being able to flow without using routines, yet still get you success with women you’re looking for.

The million dollar question that no-one is answering is:

“How can you do it?”

If these routines get you results, then how can you become successful with women without using them?

Well, what I’m about to show you will help you not only qualify women naturally without thinking about it, but will help you find the perfect opener every time, flow in conversations with ease, come up with the perfect close on demand..

..PLUS give you almost magic powers to do it quickly without having to learn another thing.

Now I know this might sound like BS dating community marketing hype, but it’s not.

I’m not going to feed you some convoluted theoretical ‘field tested’ structure, evolutionary psychology psycho babble or even charge you money for this.

I’m simply going to point out one of the most obvious, simplest and yet most powerful seduction concepts ever:


Every Seduction Community technique, method, structure, and tactic is ‘reverse engineered’ from guys who are naturally successful with women. If someone’s getting what you want, it makes sense to copy them, right? Right…


If you’re just doing the same things as the natural guy is, then you’re missing a huge part of the puzzle. Why?

Because what he’s doing isn’t just a quick trick he’s read off the Internet.

It’s part of something much deeper. It’s part of an underlying inner mental structure that’s allowing him to do what he does without even thinking about.

If you’re just copy his actions, you’re going to be spending a long time learning technique after technique, trying to learn one to help you deal with every situation.

BUT, if you unlock the underlying core and develop that, then you’ll be able to find answers to every situation without even thinking about it.

Let me quickly show you what I’m talking about.

Have you heard of qualification before? It’s where you try and elicit traits from a woman that can justify you being attracted to for reasons other than her looks.

Classic Mystery Method stuff.

Now, do you think that every naturally successful guy learnt that he needed to do this to get the results he does? I doubt it… So how does he naturally do it if he didn’t have to learn it?

Imagine you’re buying a new car. You’re standing in the showroom with the salesman, asking plenty of questions about all the different cars. Essentially, you’re ‘qualifying’ the cars.

Did you need to learn how to do this? No, that’s absurd. Someone didn’t have to teach you that you need to find out about the cars in order to find the one that’s right for you, you just do it.

So why don’t you do this when you’re meeting women?

The difference is what you’re trying to achieve. The difference is your purpose.

I just need to stop you here for a second; we need to be honest with each other for a second. And not just any kind of honest, I’m talking BALLS-OUT honest.

You’re standing in a club, just chilling with your boys, and all of a sudden, you see her. It’s not just any ‘her’… It’s ‘HER’! The one you’ve been looking for – your HB12.

You’re having a good night, so you decide to approach this woman. You walk over and open your mouth.

At this point in time, what exactly are you trying to achieve? What is your purpose?

Is it to give value? Is it to have fun? Is it to share the love? Maybe…

But why? Well, if you’re anything like what I used to be, you’re doing these things for a very calculated reason. Want to guess what? It’s pretty obvious when you think about it:

To get her to like you.

You’re acting this way because somewhere you’ve read or learnt that this is the way to approach (and hopefully attract) the women you want.

Now, if you’re trying to get her to like you, do you think you’re going to naturally qualify? No.

Do you think you’re going to naturally screen her through your set of standards? No.

You’re going to be trying to make sure you meet her standards.

You’re going to be trying to make sure that you’re the kind of guy she wants to be with.

This is why you have to learn qualification – because you’re purpose is making it so you don’t do it naturally.

So how about the rest of your “game”?

Do you think this could impact the rest of your game as well?

How about opening? Do you have issues with this? If you were trying to find out if she’s the kind of woman you want to be with, do you think you’d have a hard time coming up with the perfect opener to say?

No. It’d be whatever was going through your head.

The reason you need to come up with a line to say is that you’re trying to get her to like you.

When you’re trying to get her to like you, you’re going to play it safe; you’re not going to push her buttons.

You’re not going to say what you think because you’re afraid of getting rejected.

And how about approach anxiety? If you were genuinely trying to find women that met your standards, do you think you’d be nervous when talking to them?

Probably not anywhere near as if you were trying to get her to like you.

And knowing what to say next when talking to a woman?

If you’re trying to get her to like you, do you think you’re going to naturally talk about the things that interest you?

Or do you think you’re going to be trying to find things that interest her? Do you think you’re going to openly state your opinions? Or do you think you’re going to back in case she doesn’t agree?

And if she’s the kind of woman you really like, do you think you’re going to have to search for things to talk about? Or do you think you’re going to have things you want to get to know about her?

Do you think you’re going to have things in common?

I remember the days of those kinds of conversations.

I remember how hard and confusing they were. I also remember how much everything changed when I decided to change my purpose.

I went from constantly searching for things to talk about that might interest her to just letting out exactly what I was thinking.

I stopped trying to mold myself to fit her image of her perfect man and started just openly stating what I thought and how I felt.

And you know what? My results went through the roof. Conversations were so much easier! I didn’t have to second guess myself, I didn’t have to get all caught up in my head trying to find the right thing to say.

I was able to let go of all the bullshit and just let out who I was on the inside.

I could go on forever about this.

What you’re trying to achieve (YOUR PURPOSE) determines everything that you do in any interaction with a woman.

Guys who are naturally good with women spend their time trying to find women they’re interested in – rather than trying to find women who are interested in them.

It’s really that simple.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to get the girls you weren’t interested in, but the ones you really wanted stayed outside your grasp?

What was your purpose for these two different girls? Do you think that had anything to do with how you acted around them? Can you see how your purpose for the different girls changed your actions and affected your results?

Now, I’m not saying ‘Don’t learn any techniques’. There’s plenty of techniques out there that are really fun, cool, and very powerful. But what I’m saying is that you won’t NEED them to start getting the success you’re looking for.

You can work on things that will take you forward – rather than trying to find things to stop you being so far behind.

The secret to incredibly powerful natural game is taking control of your purpose. When you take control of your purpose, you won’t need to find openers, because what you want to say will be right at the front of your mind.

You won’t need to learn rapport techniques because your conversation will have a natural flow. You won’t need to look for a closing routine because it will just be a natural part of the conversation.

You’ll be able to stop wasting months of your time learning routines, structures, and confusing techniques because you’ll be doing all these things naturally.

This is the secret to effortless, yet incredibly powerful natural game.

If you want to understand more about this concept of purpose and how it relates to every area of game, as well as learning how you can start to change your purpose, download Seduction Community Sucks from the side bar on the right.

It’s free and you can start on the path of effortless natural game right now.



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