All Women Are Liars.


What does that really mean?

It means the feminine is always FLOWING, it is FREE and it acts in the moment..

I’m not saying that women consciously lie to you. I’m not saying that you should never believe what she says. Or never to believe that she believes what she says.

Just that what she believes is true for that moment – and may not reign true later.

For example:

There is a girl in my social circle who I have always been flirty with. One time she made it abundantly clear to me with her words that “You know we will never get together”.

At the time I actually believed her. It was a bit shattering.

Needless to say, about a month later we were at a friend’s birthday and somehow she conned me into going up stairs with her. Next thing you know she was raping my mouth with her mouth..

Girls are cute like that. Shift her emotions, not her mind.



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