Number One Universal Truth About Women

I’m a man of few words so I’ll keep this short…

They love to fuck as much as we do. Never forget that!

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About The Author

Alex is a guest contributor on the Attraction Institute. He started his journey as a lost and confused guy and has been sharing his story on his personal website since 2009. He specialises in Inner Game Transformation.

6 Responses

  1. David

    I know this truth but it’s fascinating that the same women who had no problem raising their “numbers” while dating and never talked about making love and enjoyed fucking random guys, now when married, want to talk about “making love” and reject sex unless they are getting their needs met. Very frustrating.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      What if you just helped them get their needs met? Would this still be an issue?

      It sounds like there’s a very obvious and simple solution here to me.

    • Elizabeth

      If she’s having sex with you its cause she’s horny, yes this is sexy but if something better comes along you count for nothing; if she married you its cause she loves you regardless of shit you have or might do, and if something better comes along she wont just leave you because she’s emotionally invested in you.

  2. J

    Yes, they do.

    The problem is, when a woman desires sex with a man, pleasure and the desire for the act itself is down somewhat on her list of priorities.


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