Guidance, support, and insight on the journey to
becoming a Confidently Attractive Man.


Taking control of your life and making the changes that you know you need to be making can be tough.

There’s no question about that.

Finding your personal roadblocks, taking responsibility for where you are, working out where you want to be, putting a plan together, and then sticking to that plan is hard. Especially if you’re not used to it.

The one thing that makes it even harder than it should be is going it alone.

Without the insight, guidance, and support when things get tough, it’s easy to want to give up and let yourself slip back into your old habits.

I know this because I went through the same thing.

I’d identify my problems, make a plan, start taking action, only to have my ‘friends’ laugh and say “Why are you wasting your time with that??”

Or even worse, I’d stick it out, get results, and then relax because I thought I’d make it before slipping back into old habits and having to start all over again.

To make sure you don’t fall into the same frustrating patterns that most guys fall into, we’ve set up Group Coaching.


What is a Men’s Group?

A Men’s Group is your chance to get support, guidance, and motivation from being part of a tight-knit group of guys, all moving in the same direction and all taking control of their lives.

You’ll be placed in a group with 4 other guys who’re all committed to becoming the Man of THEIR dreams and one coach leading you guys and helping you get the results you want.

The group will meet once a week over Skype for 1 hour to discuss the problems, challenges, and barriers and together, your group will help you come up with solutions you can try out over the week.

On the next call, you’ll be able to discuss how things went, what challenges you faced, and what you can work on this upcoming week.


Is a Men’s Group for you?

That depends. We offer all kinds of different programs at AI designed to cater to different groups of people. The group coaching is no different.

A Men’s Group is for anyone who feels like their lacking support, motivation, clarity, or direction, and are looking for a group of likeminded guys they can work through the process with.

If that sounds like you…

If you feel like you’re not surrounded by the kinds of people who can guide, challenge, assist, and support you to become the kind of Man you were born to be, then sign up below.

Each of these coaches will guide you through one of the major stages in becoming the Man of YOUR dreams.

NOTE: To make sure that every guy gets the attention he deserves, each coach will only be taking a MAXIMUM of 5 students at a time. Once those 5 places in each group are gone, no more people will be permitted into the groups as this would reduce the effectiveness of them.

Here are their details:



Leigh LGResume: Head Instructor and founder of The Attraction Institute. Leigh is also the author of Seduction Community Sucks and Endgame, and the creator of EmpowerMenGet Real, and Be Powerful.

Group level: Advanced. This group is by invitation only. If you want to be part of Leigh’s Men’s Group, email letting us know why you think you’re ready and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.



October – No places available
November – No places available
December – Only 3 places available

Cost: $95 / week (Cancel any time)

Short Bio: I spent the first 25 years of my life wondering why everything felt so hard – why I had to try and try and try and still didn’t get half the results that guys who seemed like they didn’t give a shit were getting. Watching from the sidelines as the world, and the women I wanted who were floating on the current of that stream, passed me by was a very isolating experience. I felt lost, alone, and completely powerless to do anything about it.

When I stumbled onto the Seduction Community, I thought it was the answer to my dreams. I soon discovered that it’s complicated and intricate bandaids designed to mask my inadequacies behind a complex shield of fake personalities was never going to be the answer I needed. Despite the fact that everyone told me that the fake and manipulative way was the ONLY way to do it, I decided to create my own solution. 7 years later, as I sit here writing this, I can conclusively say that it’s not. Sure, things aren’t always rosy but I’m growing and learning all the time.  Today, I’m happy, confident, in-control, and engaged to the woman of my dreams.

Want to know more: Listen to his story here or read his latest articles here


IMPORTANT: The only way to secure a spot in this group is to email saying why you think you’re ready for this group and one of our coaches will respond in 48 hours





Andrew LResume: Senior Instructor and Attraction Institute Graduate. Andrew specialises in pushing the extremes of physical limitations after becoming a Wim Hof Certified Instructor.

Group Level: Actions. This group is for those comfortable with the idea of taking action to break through challenges and barriers but are struggling to work out first steps to take.

If you’re completely certain about how your actions and choices are solely responsible for your experience of life and want to turn up the volume to experience more of what you want, then this is the group for you.


October – Only 2 places available
November – Only 4 places available
December – Only 3 places available

Cost: $55 / week (Cancel any time)

Short Bio: For the first 20 years of my life I never thought for myself and would just follow people’s rules. I was working hard, with no time to enjoy life. After all, I was on the life plan to go to college, get a degree, get a good job, nice car, get married, have kids, retire and die. When I started college a friend and I decided it would be cool to get girlfriends because everyone else was doing it. Being a nerdy kid who never talked to girls, I typed into Google a few simple words: How to get a girlfriend

What followed was 2 years of trying to make sense of pick up guru’s wisdom, all the while not taking any action. Somehow I ended up with a girlfriend and after that went downhill, I crawled back to the ebooks looking for the answer, the key to life. Instead, I found AI 😛

After reading Endgame and going through Get Real and Be Powerful, my life has completely changed. I’m still traveling on this wonderful journey, messing up and learning a lot. All the while never knowing what exactly will come next on this crazy, awesome ride.

Want to know more about Andrew? You can check out his personal journal here.


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IMPORTANT: Once you’ve signed up, send your receipt number to
to secure your spot and confirm call times and dates



Jermaine MResume: Senior Instructor and Attraction Institute Graduate. Jermaine has strong teaching background grounded in his 3 years as a university lecturer.

Group Level: Foundations. This group is for those who want to know what is really driving their current experience of life, what is at the core of their struggles, and how to implement a solution.

If you’re lost about how and why you’re struggling with what seems so simple and natural for others, then this is the perfect group for you.


October – Only 1 place available
November – Only 3 places available
December – Only 3 places available

Cost: $55 / week (Cancel any time)

Short Bio: For most of my adult life I just assumed I was a sad guy. I always seemed to notice the worst about people, life, and myself. Life just felt so damn hard. I just knew that other guys, the guys that the women I wanted would be attracted to, had somehow figured it all out. Then after losing what I felt was the woman of my dreams, I sat alone in the dark of my apartment, depressed, crying, and eventually crushing my hand against the wall as I punched it in frustration and pain. I felt like I was not worth being loved by any woman. That’s when I knew I needed to make a change, or I might as well just die.

In my search for how to get my girl back, I discovered the seduction community. All those tactics and strategies were fun, but they never felt like they offered any lasting solutions. I still felt like shit behind close doors and sucked at taking action. Then I found AI. I have studied and taught human communication theory for over a decade. What I found in AI was much of what I have already known and taught. But what I learned from Get Real and Be Powerful was something that my years of education could not teach: I learned how to turn those theories into real action that transformed my life.

The last three years have been the MOST incredible and free years of my life. I feel more positive than ever, constantly challenging myself, and connecting deeply with other people, women, family, and friends. Years after breaking my hand, I actually feel that my newly adventurous life is more than worth sharing with women. And more importantly, I am now driven to help other guys find this freedom in their own lives. I pretty much want to change the world.

Want to know more? You can check out his personal journal here or his latest articles here.

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IMPORTANT: Once you’ve signed up, send your receipt number to
to secure your spot and confirm call times and dates