Psychology of Attracting Women

There’s a secret you haven’t been told about the psychology of attracting women.

It’s got nothing to do with magic sprays or hypnosis but it’s something you’re going to need to know if you’re going to have incredible relationships with amazing women.

If you want to know why women are attracted to the guys they are, then you have to first clarify who the women are that you’re learning about the psychology of attracting women to attract. Then, because all women are different, you need to narrow it down to the kind of guys that the they’re attracted to.

I’ve written a post that will help you do this, called: How to Attract Women

Please read it because without it, the psychology of attracting women wont make sense.

Now, the secret about the psychology of attraction that you haven’t been told about.

What is it about these guys that makes them attractive?

Why is the woman of your dreams attracted to a guy who lives his life for himself and doesn’t wait for anyone to make him happy that makes him so attractive to women?

To understand this, think about it form her perspective.

She comes home from a hard day at work. Her boss is giving her a hard time and the deadlines are just piling up. She’s stressed, tired, and emotional.

What kind of person do you think she wants to come home to?

Do you think she wants to come home to a guy who’s needy and clingy and who needs her to be attentive and caring for him to feel good?

Or do you think she wants to come home to a guy who’s happy, content and fulfilled with his life and doesn’t need her to be anything so he feels good about himself?

Which guy is going to be able to give her the care and attention she needs to feel better without asking anything in return?

Which guy is going to be able to allow her to be whatever she feels like being without demanding anything of her?

What about a different situation: she’s out at a bar with her Man when she runs into an ex-boyfriend who she hasn’t seen in a while. She really wants to sit down and catch up with him.

What kind of guy do you think she’s going to want to be with?

Do you think she’s going to want to be a guy who’s happy and fulfilled who is happy for her to chat with anyone because he knows that regardless of whether or not she’s in his life?

Or do you think she’s going to want to be with a guy who’s so insecure and needy that he’s constantly worrying about whether or not she’s going to leave him?

Which guy is going to give her the freedom and space she needs in her life?

Which guy is going to going to let her do whatever she wants without putting restrictions on her?

The psychological mechanism at work here is the desire to be free.

The reason that the kind of Man who’s totally free and fulfilled without her in his life is so attractive to the woman of your dreams is that he doesn’t need anything from her.

When she’s around him, she’s totally free to be whatever she wants. If she wants to be happy, she can be happy and she knows that she’s going to have a happy person to play with her. If she wants to be sad, then she can be sad and she knows she’s going to have someone there to look after her.

She’s free to express herself openly without having to worry about anything that’s going on.

The secret of the psychology of attraction that you haven’t been told is that people are attracted to whoever will give them what they need in their life at that point in time.

A guy who’s totally free, fulfilled, and happy without her is free to give her whatever she desires in every moment.

A guy who’s needy, clingy, and waiting for her to make him happy isn’t. He’s always going to be demanding that she be something for him.

So, should you just go out and try and make yourself happy so that you’ll get the girls you desire? Well, that path contains a very dangerous trap and if you don’t know it, you’re not going to create the amazing relationships with women that you’re looking for.

You can find out all about that trap in EndGame.


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One Response

  1. Bruno Babic - PickUpFlow

    Awesome stuff, Lo Gun! Your post has reminded me of the well known dating fact “men lead and women follow”. Furthermore, what’s crucial to understand is that a man’s feelings and intentions toward a woman often determine her feelings and intentions toward him. It’s like a certain man’s behavior naturally attracts and encourages similar kind of behavior in the woman that he’s interacting with. So, in terms of openly sharing your natural happiness and excitement with a woman without asking her to give you anything in return, chances are that the woman will very soon start opening up and being her true self in your company, because your real natural drive and confidence to express your true self through your genuine happiness and excitement will automatically encourage the woman to follow her own natural drive and confidence to express her true self and her true feelings while being around you.

    To sum up, in order for a man to get to experience and fully enjoy a flow state of effortlessly and naturally attracting women, making sure that he’s always totally happy and fulfilled with himself and his life is the first important step that he needs to take. The best way to boost up your natural happiness and excitement is to fully embrace your true, unique personality and get into the habit of freely expressing yourself and your real feelings wherever you are and go, because as Mahatma Gandhi’s happiness quote says: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

    The latter actually makes me say that being a naturally attractive alpha man all comes down to being your true self and freely expressing your true feelings around women that you’re attracted to.

    Bruno Babic


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