#1 Reason Not To Play It Cool.

We are amazingly good at playing it cool.

I remember seeing a quote once, which said:

“Seriousness is Man’s oldest con game.”

My interpretation of the meaning behind it was this: to act serious, somber, non-expressive, as we all do around people who we hardly know, is a facade – which we all play into because it’s safe.

And we play into this facade because inside it, there’s little risk. There’s little chance people might laugh at you.

There’s little chance of the real you being ridiculed or dismissed by another – simply because there is so little real you actually on display.

I’d like to revise this quote slightly, to bring it in tune with modern times:

“Playing it cool is a modern Man’s most limiting con game.”

We are masters of playing it cool. As I’m writing this to you, I’m sitting in a Surry Hills cafe behind my modern laptop, with my trendy casual threads as people rush past on the way to work.

And it’s so much easier for me to just sink into the “playing it cool” act of being..

..rather than offer a genuine smile to a passer-by, say a warm hello to a woman who grabs my attention (and risk getting shot down) or start an conversation with a person at a neighbouring table, which could (or could not) turn into a lifelong friendship.

Perhaps this desire to play it cool is a relic of teenage years?

They were the years when being cool meant social inclusion, popularity, status.

Back in that day, person who played it most cool, won.

But strangely, today that game seems to have the opposite effect. It’s limiting. Isolating. Disconnecting.

We have industries which are devoted to helping us play it cool in public. And anyone with a modest income can buy the threads, get the gear and learn to act the part. But then what?

To sit here, basking in imaginary admiration from strangers, not revealing my true self – is that really the biggest game I can play? Is that the kind of world that YOU want to create?

When we look back at our lives from our deathbeds, is knowing that we played it cool going to offer us peace or a final thought which goes something like..

“That was a life worth living.”



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