Stop Screwing Up How You Approach Women.

I see this girl, and not just any girl. THE girl.

I really want to talk to her but she’s with friends / talking to another guy / people are watching / she might reject me /any number of excuses.

What do I do?

If you’ve ever asked been in this situation, you need to read what’s directly below.

There are dozens of ways for overcoming excuses not to approach her.

They range from indirect, over the shoulder, moonwalking styles, to body tapping techniques (I’m not kidding!).

And there are new ones dreamt up by some ‘guru’ every week.

But instead of creating dependency on a dozen different ways to deal with every excuse, I stumbled across a cool inner game trick has helped me eliminate them all at once. For good.

Here’s the secret to blasting through every friggin’ excuse.

Every time you ask a ‘what about XXX excuse?’, I want you to pause and ask yourself one simple thing: ‘does it actually matter?’

Does it matter that she’s talking to friends? Does it matter that people might see you? Does it matter that she may not like you?

Lets say that she doesn’t want to talk to you, is this going to matter tomorrow? Is this going to matter in a month? Is this going to matter in a year? Is this going to matter when you’re dead?

When you’re lying on your death bed, taking your last breaths and your body clocks slows to nothingness, are you going to look back over your life and regret that one day when you walked up to her and she told you she wasn’t interested?

Of course you’re not!

If you actually remember it, if anyone actually remembers it, I’ll be very, very surprised. I’ll let you in on something here: you’re not actually that important to anyone else.

They don’t actually give a shit about your issues. They’re far too busy worrying about their own problems to care what some random girl in a bar thought of some random guy in a bar.

In the grand scheme of things, the issue you’re talking about is totally irrelevant.

Next time you’re standing there, debating in your head whether or not you should go and talk to her, and you keep throwing up obstacles, ask yourself this:

– If I was going to die in 50 years, would this matter?

– If I was going to die in 1 year would this matter?

– If I was going to die in 1 month, would this matter?

– If I was going to die tomorrow, would this matter?

– When are you going to die? Can you say for sure?

– Could you die tomorrow?

– Would you let anything cause you anxiety if you knew you were going to?

Well then, take note of this: Every day, around the world, thousands of people die. And you know what? You could be one of them.

Yes, some of the died in wars, some from starvation but others just simply drop dead. You could be the next person in your family, in your life, in your reality, to drop off the mortal coil.

So why are you letting it matter now?

Let me make one thing very clear – you are going to die and it could be any second. It could be when you’re dropping you grandkids off at school, it could be as you finally get that promotion you’ve been waiting for, it could be as you sleep tonight or, it could be as you’re finishing the last sentences of this paragraph.

You can’t be certain when but you can be certain it’s going to happen.

Last week, 100m from my work in a neighbouring gym, a 23 year old playing basketball with his mates dropped dead from a heart attack. 23 years old! No warning signs. No prolonged stay in a hospital. Nothing. Dead.

Last year, I heard a 13 year old girl also died from a heart attack whilst playing netball. Dead.

And you know what, as they were on their last legs, do you think they were wondering ‘I wish I hadn’t…’ or ‘I can’t believe I did…’ No.

I bet you they were regretting not living every day to its full potential rather than having a woman not be receptive to when they were honest with her.

You’ve got the gift that they were wishing for. How are you going to spend it?

The simple fact that you’re going to die means that none of the bullshit actually matters. It doesn’t’ mean anything. It’s not going to matter in the long run. Nobody is going to care.

You don’t know when you’re going to die. You have no idea. But if you spend your life living in fear, you’re basically dead already.

So you have a choice, right now: No excuses, no bullshit – this very second.

You can either spend the rest of your days on this earth essentially dead for all intensive purposes, or you can get up off your arse, take life by the balls, man the fuck up, walk over to that woman, and live your life on your terms.

It’s your life and it’s passing you by, one second at a time.

You may only have one day left on this earth, how are you going to spend it?


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