Seduction Community Lie #1

We come to the seduction community telling ourselves we want to change.


What we REALLY want is a solution which will allow us to manipulate the external environment and give us the stuff want.

While leaving the inner structures holding us back in place.

The stuff.

Oh, the wonderful stuff. The warmth. The intimacy. The companionship. The acceptance. The feeling of being worth every bit of her.

The ability to relax knowing that ‘this area’ of our life is finally taken care of.

The stuff which we crave SO MUCH because it acts as a balm .. a relief from feelings of frustration, loneliness and inadequacy.

The craving for stuff is caused by the negative emotions.

Getting this stuff distracts us from a desire to attend to the cause of these emotions.

And that’s the irony of it all – the moderate success that most guys get when they embark on the path of ‘openers, routines and techniques’ perpetuates their suffering.

The guys who get very little results initially tend to dig deeper, knock harder, find the answers and improve in leaps and bounds.

Don’t allow anything throw you off your quest for your truth.



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