Sexual Expression for Dummies: A ‘how to’ guide

I’ve spent the last few weeks…

…working with a select group of guys to help the blast through their approach anxiety…

…because they identified it as the number one thing preventing them from attracting the women they want.

After all the work we’ve done, it turns out they were wrong.

Throughout all the exercises and all the guys,  I’ve started to see a very common pattern.

– They can walk towards women whilst being anxious

– They can make eye contact whilst being anxious

–  They can even smile when they lock eyes.

These guys could all approach beautiful women, but the real problem was that they couldn’t open their mouth.

What was in the way?

And no, it’s not a lack of openers, techniques, or routines either. It’s something much simpler:


If you’ve tried any of the exercises in the challenge, you’ll know you can approach women. You’ll know that anxiety doesn’t hold you back.

But when you have to open your mouth and really say what you think, that’s when it gets difficult.

Telling that smoking hot woman how you feel and what you want to do with her is scary because…

…you’re putting yourself on the line.

You’re not hiding behind any scripted and socially acceptable lines, you’re putting the REAL YOU out there.

Sexual expression (or more correctly, lack of it) is one of the major reasons why you’re not currently naturally and effortlessly attractive to women.

If you were able to express your sexual desires openly and freely, do you think you’d:
– Struggle for an opener?
– Get stuck in the friend zone?
– Have to battle through sexual escalation?
– Struggle with closing?

Sexual expression is a HUGE barrier that if you don’t overcome, you’re going to get stuck at the same point, over and over again.

You might be able to approach, you might even be able to start a conversation, but that conversation is going either going to fizzle out and die…

…or get you stuck in the friend zone.

(I’m not sure which one is worse)

So, being the rad dude that I am…

…I’ve decided to do a sexual expression pod cast for you.

In it, I’m going to cover a whole bunch of stuff, including:
– The power of full sexual expression
– How it will eradicate every barrier you face with women
– The only thing preventing you from being fully sexually expressive
– What you can change about the way you live your life to make sexual expression second nature
– A quick tool you can use when you’re standing right in front of that smoking hot girl and want to be able to be sexually expressive
– A long term solution that will eradicate the core of your lack of sexual expression for good

If you want to get your hands on all the sexual expression goodness, just put your details into the form below.

The Sexual Expression Podcast is available RIGHT NOW. All you need to do is click on the link below.

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8 Responses

  1. oz

    “Sexual expression is a HUGE barrier that if you don’t overcome, you’re going to get stuck at the same point, over and over again.”

    You know what? I am really tired of the over and over again in my life. Courious to hear what you have to give to us… for free 😉

    Could you also give me a defintion of what YOU understand under the term “sexual”? I mean, does sexual always mean the wish to have sex with the person who i am interacting with?

    • LoGun

      It doesn’t mean that you have sex with the person, it’s just the kind of interaction you’re having with the woman. A sexual interaction has a definite ‘flavour’ to it.

      You don’t have to be physical contact to have a sexual interaction. You don’t even have to exchange words to have a sexual interaction.

      But, for the purpose of this podcast, I’m defining sexual expression as expressing your sexual desires for a woman.

  2. Seb

    Is it possible to have a transcript too ? English is not my mother tongue…

    Thanks. 🙂


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