Should you learn PUA Techniques?

Well, you can if you want, but just be aware that they’re going to do more damage than good.

Here’s why:

If you’re learning and attempting to implement pickup structures, routines, and techniques, then you’re going to be thinking about them when you’re with a woman.

You’re going to be stuck in your head instead of focussing on the most important part of the interaction:

The woman right in front of you.

Women are attracted to Men who make them feel the way they want to feel.

If you’re stuck in your head trying to come up with the next thing to say or the next technique to use…

…you’re not going to notice how she’s feeling or how she wants to feel.

If you’re not paying attention to how she feels or how she wants to feel, how can you ever be the kind of Man who helps her experience what she wants?

(Follow this link for a more in-depth explanation of How To Attract Women.)

If you’re learning lines, routines, techniques, or structures to pick up women, then you’re going to miss all the clues of how to pick up this specific woman.

If you’re not 100% present with the woman in front of you, you’re going to struggle to be able to give her the experience she desires.

I’m not saying that you can’t seduce women with routines, techniques, and methods. It’s just that it’s going to be a total shot in the dark because you’re not paying attention to what she desires.

So, you can learn them if you want. But you should be aware of the choice you’re making.

Here it is in plain English.

Would you rather:

–       Walk up to a woman and randomly shoot off into the dark, hoping that some of your tricks hit the right target?

–       Walk up to a woman and be able to see, clearly, everything that you need to do to be the kind of Man she desires?

Your choice, but I know which one I would choose.


Quick exercise to use this concept:

Go out to a night club, find a comfortable seat and put your arse in it. Look around you at all the people and see if you can work out what they’re currently experiencing and what they want to experience.

If you can’t work out how they feel or how they want to feel, then it’s probably a great indication to why you’re not getting the success with women that you want.

If you can do this, great. Now, go over to a woman you find attractive and help her feel the way she wants to feel.

If the approaching side of things is holding you back, follow this link to help you overcome it.

Don’t use any lines, routines, structures, or techniques. Simply give her what she wants. See how much easier this is than trying to manipulate her into liking you.

Let me know how you go,




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8 Responses

  1. Josef

    How we know what she want to feels?
    The anxiety is horrible, that sh..t follow me to all the places where im am in a social enviroments…
    I want tell you these: I was victim of hard bulling in my childhodd and adolescence in school, and today, im agressive in a big part of my time, Im a hungry insecure big musculous man now, I really hate the part of hungry and insecure, that traums could still afect my behavior Leigh?

    • Someone

      I don’t know about Leigh, but here’s my 2 cents.

      1. Don’t worry about how she wants to feel, just assume it’s the opposite of what she’s felling currently if she’s currently feeling bad in some way (sad, angry, bored… etc.). The last thing you want is to get in your head trying to figure out how she wants to feel.

      2. The traumas are affecting you for sure. They don’t go away easily. Still trying to figure out how to work around or get rid of my own.

  2. Will

    Logun I know that here is not the proper place for it, but please help me is the first time I’m dating and going through many problems since I started, I can not get my girlfriend’s head, she is blackmailing, games emotional and she’s acting very different to me, is not the same, I fear she is cheating on me, is it good I know other girls too?

  3. Edgar LLadó

    Its more simple tahn you think, read a little of Giacomo Casanova, he analizes the woman he was pretending, and give her what she wanted.

    One woman wanted a friend, another wanted sex, a nother wanted adventure, exitment etc.

    Just start a conversation asking basic questions, and start doing conection with her, investigate what she likes, his passions etc, and what she need.

    talk, make her imagine things, situations, feelings.


    CHEERS 😉


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