So You Got A Girlfriend .. Can You Keep Her?

I’ve been there more than once in my life…

I find the girl of my dreams.

She’s everything I’ve ever looked for.

We get into a relationship and everything going sweet.

Then it happens. You can feel it in the wind. Things just start to go down. And down. And down…

Eventually there’s nothing left to salvage except a box of your possessions left lying on her door step.

If you’ve ever been in this position and wondered how to keep her (or get her back for that matter), then this is the article for you.

Time in the seduction community usually follows a common trend: you spend months and months developing your openers, your routines..

..all your techniques painstakingly and then finally, you meet an amazing girl! You’ve got her number, and you know it’s time to call.

Nervously, you pick up the phone: “Hi…”

It goes much better than you thought – she remembers you, in fact, she actually sounds like she wants to go out with you!

Dinner, drinks, whatever takes your fancy, laughing and flirting. It’s so on it’s ridiculous…

“It’s time to go, come with me.”


Back at your place: fumbling with the keys, a look, a glance, passion, intensity, clothing strewn over the entire house and broken furniture everywhere…

…You finally collapse together, sweaty and exhausted just as the sun begins to rise.

Waking up the next morning, it still feels like a dream.

Her naked body, pressed against yours.Those lips, those eyes, wow… This girl is one of a kind. You’ve never been so happy… Then, from nowhere, the little voice in your head starts to fire up:

“You’ve got her, now how are you going to keep her?”

If you’ve ever had this nagging voice cause you doubt, this is a secret you need to learn.

Now, there are lots of different techniques out there for keeping her interested. Playing herd to get, being high status, all of those little games but really, they’re just the symptoms.

If you want to never have to deal with this issue again, you need to get to the core.

Lets have a look at that.

So why would she want to stay with you? What could possibly convince her that you’re the kind of guy to spend more and more time with?

The answer is so simple: the same way you got her!

She fell for you because of the amazing, fun, open guy that you are, why would you change that when you get into a relationship?

I see so many guys completely change who they are and what they do when the find the girl of their dreams.

They start trying so desperately hard to make sure she doesn’t leave and you know what? It’s the one big thing that drives her away!

It sucks all the excitement, all the adventure, all the passion out of the relationship.

Now I’m not saying ‘just ignore her…”

But always keep your focus on the most important person in the relationship – you. You need to do what you need to do to make yourself happy.

You have to come to the table with a full cup.

Otherwise, you’re going to be relying on her to make you happy and that’s completely unfair.

How would you feel if someone made you solely responsible for their happiness? Does that sound like a fun place to be? No, I don’t think so either.

Keep being free, keep opening, keep growing, keep living your life and take her on your adventure with you!



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