Fast-Track Your Progress To Success With Women.

Many of those ‘gurus’ out there are going to get angry with me for telling you this.

It’s the dirty little secret that they don’t want you to know.

If you DON’T KNOW this secret you’ll end up spending months and months pouring over openers, routines, or natural game theory (if that’s your thing)…

And slowly, painfully and agonizingly ‘internalising’ these ideas.

And if you DO KNOW this secret you’ll get to where you want to in half the time.

Intrigued yet?

I friggin’ hope so, because I’m going to spill the beans now. Let’s go.



First, let’s talk about your plan for getting her. That one. That girl of your dreams.

What will be your ‘method?’

– Indirect, situational opener, followed by memorized DHV’s, qualification, and then comfort?

– Direct, complimentary opener with dominance followed by a structured kino escalation?

– Relaxed, natural game transitioning to flirting and deep rapport?

The reason I’m asking is because everyone has their preferred ‘method’ or default way they like to do things.

And most guys see some success when they started using one (or more) of these methods.

But there’s something else you should know.

You can become AMAZING at any of the above methods much quicker, without even having to learn any of them. Not a single one.

And this isn’t something you have to spend months trying to remember and implement – it’s something you can do right now.

How? Glad you asked.



Ask yourself – when you start talking to beautiful women, what are you trying to achieve? What’s your goal?

To have fun? To bring something to the table? To make her feel good? To be a cool dude who women want?


I can’t speak for you, but I know what my answer to this was.

I was telling myself that I was having fun because I wanted to, but really, I was only ‘having fun’ to get her to like me.

I wanted to demonstrate to the rest of the world that I’m the kind of guy who does all these ‘cool’, ‘fun’ things.

Deep inside, I was anything but. It was all an act. I was forever ‘demonstrating’, and never actually relaxing and ‘being’.

I wasn’t giving value because I really felt like just sharing the love – I was giving value because I was hoping that it would spark attraction and she would go home with me.

I was trying to get women to like me. Left. Right. Centre.

And this is the first big difference:

Guys who are amazing with women spend their time trying to find women they’re interested in – rather than trying to find women who are interested in them.


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