How To Be Confident With Girls: 3 Awesome Tips.

Here are some tips on how to be confident with girls:
Tip 3. Don't Edit Yourself. Feeling nervous? Say to her that you're nervous. Don't know what to say to her? Say to her that you don't know what to say to her. Think that she looks spunky in that skirt? Say to her that she looks spunky in that skirt. Simple. If you hide your true feelings and thoughts...

How To Meet Beautiful Women In 3 Easy Steps.

Step 1: Get off the Internet. Seriously. You ALREADY know where to meet beautiful women. They walk past you every day. Beautiful women are everywhere and to meet them, you have to open your mouth and start talking to them. So why don't you? Step 2. Be straight with..

Read This If You Have Female Friends.

When I was going through my Mr Nice Guy Who Women Just Want To Be Friends With (TM) phase... ..I befriended lots of women. They weren't honest friendships - I harboured "secret crushes" on most of them, and secretly hoped that once they realise how great and stable and smart I am..

Worried About What Women Think Of You?

Here's a tip to stop you caring about what others think about you - give up you. Whilst giving up you does mean giving up your wants, needs, and tendencies, it also means giving up your insecurities, fears, and shames. And without one, the other cannot exist. There have been many times that I've been aware of the opportunity...