Top 3 Daygame Myths Destroyed.

I’ve coached hundreds of guys in my journey and one of the most common statements I hear is:

– ‘I don’t want to have to wait till I go out to a bar to meet women’

I usually say in return,

– ‘Great. Let’s talk daygame then – what’s stopping you?’
– ‘Well, I don’t have enough knowledge and skills and techniques.’
– ‘Ahhh… ok. The old day game myths…’
– ‘But they’re not myths!’
– ‘Yes they are. Let me show you.’

Myth 1: People don’t want to meet people in the day time.

This is the most common one people say – people have gone out because they have something to do, not to meet people. Definitely could be true, but consider this.

How many women have you ever heard talking about their fantasy of meeting the Man of her dreams? Once, twice, ever read Cosmo, ever watched a Romantic comedy? They’re all over it.

In any of those, have you ever heard them once say ‘I can’t wait to meet him, have him sweep me off my feet, make me feel like a princess, except when I’m shopping’ or ‘…except when I’m walking to work.’

Ever? No.

She wants to meet you. She wants to have you take her on a fantasy adventure of passion and emotion.

Yes, people are off doing their own thing during the day but if the woman of your dreams ever came up to you, would you tell her to piss off?

This barrier to meeting the woman of your dreams only exists in your head. It’s a construct of your inner game.


Myth 2: People will think I’m weird.

You know what? Yes, they probably will. Walking up to someone you’ve never met before in the middle of the day is something that people could probably label weird. Why? Because it falls outside the social norm.

But, consider this: do you actually want to stay inside the social norm?

If you spend your life living inside the social norm, what kind of life do you think you’ll end up with?

Marrying someone you’re kind of satisfied with, maybe met through a friend, maybe through school, spending you life working your way up through middle management in a job that really doesn’t inspire you to get out of bed in the morning.

Then coming home to your two kids, dog, complaining about your day, de-stressing in front of your TV till dinner’s ready…

What sounds better to you – living this empty and unfulfilled life that society tells you, you’re allowed to live or being labeled weird by a handful of people who you’ll never see again?

Your choice.

Once again, this barrier to meeting the woman of your dreams only exists in your head. It’s a construct of your inner game.


Myth 3: I don’t know what to say.

This one is really common – I see her, I want to talk to her but I don’t know what to say. You really don’t know? I think you do.

Lets start here: what do you want to say?

Still not sure? OK. Why did you go over there? If you’re anything like me, it’s because there’s something about her that caught your eye and you wanted to find out what she’s like as a person. Sound familiar? Good. Now what’s stopping you from saying that when you go over to her? Rules, restrictions? Inner game.

You can say whatever you want. There’s nothing stopping you from saying the exact thing that’s running through your head. Nothing. And, if you’re anything like me, I bet there’s a lot of stuff running through there!

So what do you say after that? Well, what do you want to know? You can talk about anything you want and ask anything you want, but you just have to do it.

And once again, again, this barrier to meeting the woman of your dreams only exists in your head. It’s a construct of your inner game.


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