Top 3 Tricks To Destroy Approach Anxiety.

Approach anxiety is simply a set of thoughts that run through your head.

Here’s the top three things you can use to defeat your approach anxiety. But, as a special bonus, I’m also going to give you the 1 ‘secret weapon’! Woo.

Trick 1: Talk To Everyone.

The thoughts in you head tell you that you can’t talk to people. They tell you it’s weird. Tell them to fuck off. In fact, better than that, prove to them that they’re wrong. Don’t just go out and try to magically turn these thoughts off, start your day with it.

Talk to the bus driver, talk to the barista, talk to the old couple sitting on their front porch, talk to everyone, all the time.

2. Have fun.

When your head’s full of thoughts about how you can have more fun, there’s no room to entertain thoughts about what other people are thinking.

I’m sure you’ve all had those nights where we were just on fire. Were you thinking about what others were thinking then or were you just focusing on having fun?


3. Picture her naked.

Just like above, push those disempowering thoughts out the door by focusing on what you’re really talking to her for – getting her naked.

Focus on her curves, her lines, her naked body, the sound she makes when she moans in ecstasy, the feel of her naked skin against yours.

I need a bathroom break.

All these things are great but by far and away the technique that affects the biggest amount of change in my clients in the shortest amount of time is this:

The secret weapon!

So these thoughts that are running through your head when you have approach anxiety, what are they? They’re an argument. You’re arguing with yourself about what you should or shouldn’t do.

What’s the best way to deal with an argument? Don’t have one in the first place. Accept the other person point of view.

Made the link?

This is how you destroy your approach anxiety – simply accept what’s going through your head.

Try this, right now. Imagine yourself standing 10m from the woman of your dreams. Imagine her lines, her curves, those lips and those eyes.

Imagine the thoughts racing through your head – people might be watching, she might reject me – and then simply say to yourself:

“I accept that.”

Where do those thoughts go? Do they continue or do they just melt away?



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