Ultimate PUA Openers: Most Powerful PUA Opener Ever?

Are you searching for the best PUA openers? Good.

Of all the PUA openers I’ve seen, this is the most powerful one of them all.

It’s guaranteed to work, every time. Every time. Would you like to know what it is?

Would you like to be able to throw away all your other PUA openers and just head out at night armed with one weapon, which is going to open every woman, every time?

Well, here it is…

The ultimate PUA opener is ..


That’s right. As long as it’s said with conviction, confidence and as a statement of who you are and why you’re there, I guarantee you it will work every time.

The reason that I claim this is the most powerful of all the ultimate PUA openers and that it will open EVERY time is that there’s a little secret that the PUA community hasn’t been telling you – what you say doesn’t matter.

You can use almost anything socially acceptable (and even some things that aren’t) as an opener and have it work. It doesn’t matter what PUA opener you use. It could be indirect, direct, situational, observational, complimentary – whatever.

I’ve opened groups with everything from ‘Nice tits!’ to ‘Do you have the time?’ and had success.

The funny thing is that I know people who’ve used exactly the same line as me and failed. I succeeded and they failed because I know something that they don’t. It’s the real secret to being able to use any of the PUA openers out there.

Want to know what it is?

The success of your PUA opener is determined NOT by what you say – but how you deliver your opener. You could find a line that works every time for some PUA guru and fail miserably with it.

At the same time, I bet that same PUA guru could take an opener that fails miserably for you and make it work.

The reason that this PUA guru can use any opener and have it work and you can’t get any opener to work is that it’s all in the delivery.

If you walk up to a woman and weakly mumble “Umm… hi…” then do you really think she’s going to get all wet?

Do you really think you’re demonstrating to her that you’re the kind of guy that she wants to take into her bed and her body?

But if you walk up to the same woman and confidently and powerfully declare ‘Hi’ as a statement of your belief in yourself then things are going to be very different.

So, does this mean to have the perfect opener that just makes panties hit the ground, you need to practice and practice your delivery?

You could. You could practice and practice and practice your delivery. Or, you could do it the easy way.

You could find the core element that drives your delivery and change that so you don’t have to waste time practicing and practicing your PUA openers.

Here’s a little exercise for you to try. I want you to find a mirror that you can practice talking into and try saying ‘Hi’. Every time you say it, I want you to imagine you’re saying it to different people.

The first person I want you to pretend you’re saying it to is a really annoying little kid who won’t leave you alone.

The next person is an old friend that you’ve really missed and are dying to catch up with.

The next person is a your best mate who you’ve just met up with to hang out with.

And the final person I want you to imagine opening is a hot woman who you’re really trying to attract.

Do you notice any difference? Can you see what’s creating the difference?

The difference of the delivery of every opener you used then was the purpose that you had for that moment. It’s your purpose that drives your delivery and the thing that determines the effective of any PUA opener you use.

So, you could practice and practice and practice the delivery of your PUA openers. Or you could change what you’re trying to achieve through your opener and transform it without the practice. Which sounds better to you?

But before you make your decision, there’s one more thing you need to be aware of:

Your purpose doesn’t only determine how you deliver your PUA openers, it also determines what you naturally think about, where you naturally focus, and the kinds of actions you naturally take in any moment.

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2 Responses

  1. Leo

    This is interesting. It made me think of something that happened about three months ago. I was out with some coworkers, guys and girls. The topic of pickup lines came up. The guys started going through all the pickup lines they have used on women in bars. All of them were the usual ones that never work. For example, “Is your daddy a thief ? Because you have jewels in your eyes”. Etc. etc. etc. After listening to these different pick up lines for about 10 minutes I said, “Actually, the best pick up line is “Hi”.” The response I got was unexpected. One of the guys burst out laughing and said, “That is the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard “. To which I really wanted to say, “It all depends on how you deliver the “Hello”, but any “Hello”, even a moderately meek one is better than “Is your daddy a thief” or “Do you come here often””.

    They continued going on with their pickup lines. I finally looked at one of my coworkers after he told us a line that he once used on a woman in a bar and said, “Did it work”? To which he responded with, “No, it backfired”.

    Actually the way I see it, a pickup line is just an opener. Most lame memorized pickup lines will be ignored. But a loud and confident “Hello” will NEVER be ignored. You just have to have something to follow it up with, like a conversation or some bantering. “Hi” is the best pickup line because it shows you are genuine and confident. Unlike memorized pickup lines which show fakeness and lack of confidence. After all does a truly confident guy need memorize lines to walk up to a woman? No, he just walks up to her. To me, a memorized pickup line just shows her that you needed an excuse to talk to her. Which oozes with insecurity and neediness.


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