Want To Be A Better Seducer? Forget Seduction!

There are so many pickup schools out there these days.

And despite their different titles, flashy logos and high-budget marketing, they’re all actually teaching you the same thing.

Yes, yes, they say that they all have different methods, seduction “secrets” and dating tips.

But at its heart, everything they teach is this: how to *ACT* as if you didn’t need her to be fulfilled.

That’s it.

They have variations in their pathways, but it’s all designed to get you to that same point.

I’m now going to let you in on a little secret that means you wont have to waste any more time – or money – chasing a pathway that never actually gets you where you want.

To show you, lets have a look at some of the most common seduction techniques.

Indirect openers are designed to demonstrate that you’re not actually interested in her – and that she has to prove herself to you before you demonstrate interest.

Direct openers are designed to show her that you’re the kind of guy who goes after what he wants in life, the kind of guy who is courageous.

Qualification is designed to demonstrate that you want her in your life for something other then her looks.

DHV’s are designed to show her that your life is fun without her.

Negs are designed to show her that you’re not like every other guy who’s just trying to get her into bed.

C&F is designed to show her that you’re playful, fun, and high value.

Routines are designed to give you things to talk about you know she’s going to find interesting.

What if, instead of trying to pretend like you didn’t need to her to be fulfilled, you actually were fulfilled without her?

Do you think you’d need indirect openers to show her that you weren’t interested in her before you get to know her? Or do you think you’d much more selective with the people you bring into your life?

Do you think you’d need to learn direct openers to have the courage to say what you thought? Or do you think you’d be much more open and honest – and therefore direct?

Do you think you’d need to learn to qualify? Or do you think you’d actually be looking for women in your life who are more than just ‘their looks’?

Do you think you’d need to learn DHV’s to show how fun and exciting your life is? Or do you think your life would actually be fun and exciting?

Do you think you’d need to learn negs to show how different you are from all those ‘nice guys’ who suck up to women? Or do you think you’d actually *BE* different?

Do you think you’d need to learn C&F? Or do you think you’re more likely to be fun, playful and high value (before you say anything, you know how I feel about value…)?

Do you think you’d need to learn routines so you’ve got things to talk about that she finds interesting? Or do you think you’re more likely to look for girls who can talk about things you find interesting?

The only reason you need to learn seduction is because you’re trying to pretend to be the kind of guy who doesn’t need her. Rather than working on being the kind of guy who doesn’t need her.

Now, which option sounds easier, more fun, and more rewarding:

1. Spending years, learning to suppress all the symptoms of your unhappiness, placing layer after layer of someone else’s personality over the top of the already numerous layers you’re using, right now, only to condemn yourself to having to maintain those layers in the unfortunate chance that she does fall for your lies.

2. Actually becoming fulfilled, happy and creating a life that naturally draws people in. Rather than having to desperately try and drag them in. Stripping back the walls, doing the things that you find rewarding, regardless of what other people think, filling your life with passion, excitement, and adventure, and collecting an army of fun, interesting and adventurous mates along the way, and being able to totally relax and express that cool, Masculine guy whenever you find a woman that you choose to be part of the amazing life you’ve created.

I know which one I’d choose (and have) but it’s your choice.

I know that some people will say that to completely forgo learning ‘game’ and seduction will not make you successful with women.

Sure, there may be an element of truth in there. When I say “FORGET SEDUCTION”, I mean you start with the CORE, and then dabble in some seduction tips and tricks later.

Think of “game” as an icing on the cake, or as a sheath over your sword.

No amount of cake icing is going to rescue a crappy cake, as no fancy sheath is going to help a warrior who is using it to hide his rusty sword.

Take care of your core first. If you feel the need, add some ‘seduction’ material on top. But don’t use a thick layer of ‘seduction’ as a substitute for what’s inside.


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